According to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (showrunner), scripts for Netflix’s third season of The Witcher are almost complete. Lauren spoke to TechRadar before today’s release.

Hissrich stated that “we’re almost done in the scripting phase, and it’s incredible.” “I’m thrilled with the way the season is shaping out because it’s based upon my favorite book in this saga, The Time of Contempt.

Time of Contempt, the second Witcher novel, is preceded by Blood of Elves, two short story collections and the source material for the first two seasons. (Our guide to The Witcher novels breaks down the order of reading.

Hissrich stated that he feels like seasons 1 and 2 have been setting the stage for all that is to come,” TechRadar. The creative process is just beginning. Now that we have the scripts, we will bring the directors and the actors back in and dive in deeper, reflect, and make sure it’s the perfect season.

The Witcher’s first season was released on Netflix in December 2019. The second season of The Witcher was filmed in December 2019. Filming was stopped just after the pandemic outbreak in March 2020 and resumed only eight months later. The second delay came after a Covid-19 epidemic onset. We also learned that Henry Cavill sustained a torn hamstring injury which caused delays in the filming. Seven months later, The Witcher season 2 was released. Principal photography wrapped in April.

The third season may be available on Netflix sooner than the second. If filming begins in early 2022 and isn’t delayed immediately, it could be faster than the second. With the creative process still “just beginning” and Covid still a major factor, I would bet on a second two-year production and promotion cycle. This would place season 3 in December 2023. This is speculation, but the prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin will be released in 2022. It seems reasonable to assume that Netflix will allow the main series to rest until 2023.

Hissrich also has a seven-season plan to film The Witcher. Cavill has stated that he will “absolutely” continue to play Geralt for as many seasons as Netflix allows. A seventh season, filmed in 2030 and released in 2031, could be made if the current two-year cycle continues. This would mean that 12 years will pass between The Witcher’s initial season and its final and seventh seasons. Game of Thrones, by comparison, ran eight seasons over eight years from 2011 to 2019. I got pretty tired of it at the end. Things might pick up if The Witcher makes it this far.

We only know about the future that season 3 will be scripted. For now, we have a review of The Witcher Season 2–it has some great dad energy. And if you need a refresher, our recap of The Witcher Season 1 is a good place to start.—add-unlimited-gold-no-survey—add-unlimited-gold-no-survey/c/1pCcuGFXNoI—how-to-get-free-gems—how-to-get-free-gems/c/3vTB6fbwouI

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