Pokémon Releases ASMR Video Featuring 30 Minutes Of Piplup Antics

A new ASMR video featuring Piplup was released to celebrate Pokemon Shining Pearl. It features 30 minutes of Piplup’s antics. Piplup, one of three starter Pokemon, alongside Turtwig, Chimchar and stars in the original 2006 Nintendo DS and the new remakes released last month for Nintendo Switch, is.

Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are the newest remakes by Nintendo and developer ILCA. These are the first core games not made by Game Freak, unlike the 2018 remakes Pokémon: Let’s Get, Pikachu! and Let’s Go! However, they have been an enormous success, selling more than six million copies in their first week. Some fans have objected to the new style of art and removed content. This highlights flaws that the Gen 5 Pokémon remakes will hopefully avoid.

The Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel published the ASMR video “Hanging out With Piplup,” which shows the Water-type Pokemon doing exactly what the title implies: hanging out in an area. Piplup can be seen roaming about, playing and even sleeping while making his signature sounds. Piplup’s Japanese version of Pokemon is called Pochama. This means that its yells revolve around its name and not its internationally-known moniker. The 30-minute video contains nothing else, but that is probably the main point of ASMR videos.

The ASMR video was not the first one released by The Pokemon Company for the Japanese audience. The company also released videos of Charmander lying down by a campfire, one with Squirtle on the beach, and an ASMR video featuring Pikachu. A Pokemon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel also released an ASMR video featuring Grimer. This is a good indicator that ASMR is a popular trend in Japan and has reached multiple markets as well as age groups.

Like the Pokemon ASMR videos, the latest Piplup video is adorable and also quite relaxing. This is particularly true in the section where Piplup takes a nap. This emphasizes the relaxed nature and casualness of the video. Although Piplup was chosen to be the subject, it is likely that this is done to promote the popularity and sales of Shining Pearl. However, Piplup is a great choice and is arguably the best ASMR video of the three Sinnoh starters.

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