One year ago, Red Candle Games announced that it was developing a new game. Although it didn’t mention anything, we did notice that the first two Red Candle Games games, Detention and Devotion, were horror-themed and that this influenced our expectations. Today we have found out the truth, and it seems almost entirely different from its predecessors.

Red Candle tweeted, “[Nine Sols] is a lore rich, hand-drawn 2-D action platformer with Sekiro inspired deflection-focused combat.” “Embark on an adventure of Asian fantasy, explore a land once home of an ancient alien race, then follow a vengeful hero in his quest to kill Nine Sols, rulers a forsaken kingdom.”

New Kunlun is the Solarian’s last refuge. It has been quiet for hundreds of years. The ancient gods promised a vast realm to mortals. It is protected by sacred rituals and remains secret to all. When Yi, a forgotten hero of the past, is awakened by a human child, everything changes.

Follow Yi as he takes on the 9 Sols, the powerful rulers of this forsaken land. You will also need to eliminate any obstacles in Sekiro-lite combat style combat. Enjoy a unique “Taopunk” setting that combines cyberpunk elements and Taoism with far eastern mythology. Discover the secrets of an ancient alien race, and discover the fate of humanity.

Nine Sols promises “2D Sekiro lite combat” against bosses against “ancient guardians” and “gruesome creatures” in a Taopunk universe that combines science fiction, Eastern mythology, and fantasy. It’s not all brawling. Exploring the world is essential to uncover the truth behind Yi’s quest for revenge.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Nine Sols. Red Candle posted a teaser about their work on Twitter in March. This was the last time that the studio had tweeted before today.

Red Candle is most famous for Devotion. This first-person horror game was set in Taiwan in the 1980s. It ran into problems in 2019 due to in-game artwork that seemed to mock Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was taken off Steam, and it wasn’t possible to buy it for two years. Even now, you can only purchase Devotion directly from Red Candle’s store. GOG originally planned to make Devotion available again in 2020, but they changed their mind after receiving “many messages” from gamers.

Red Candle claimed Nine Sols was its “most ambitious project”, but there is no indication of a release date or platform. It looks intriguing, despite the lack of information. I am eager to learn more.—add-unlimited-cash-no-survey—add-unlimited-cash-no-survey/c/i0235R6Aa_U–coins-generator2022

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