Ghost Rider Fights A Threat Even Superheroes Are Afraid To Face

The latest villains Ghost Rider faced were not created by a demon entity or cosmic threat but rather from intolerance, bigotry and racism in today’s world. Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider, a character from the Marvel Universe’s Hispanic heritage, is featured in the Marvel Voices issue. It’s a situation that Robbie can’t escape from and one that many Marvel heroes fear to face.

Robbie Reyes takes Gabe to a doctor’s visit in the Marvel Voices story “Loco-Motion,” written by Yehudi Mercado, Mauro Fodera and Yehudi Mercado. Gabe’s wheelchair is too big for Robbie’s muscle car. Robbie then takes Gabe on the L.A. train. As they wait for the train to arrive, a group of intolerant and racist people starts to harass multiple people of color who are near them. Robbie responds by letting Ghost Rider speak with the hate group.

Ghost Rider does not injure or even kill members of hate groups because their ignorant political stance doesn’t require a martyr to support it. Ghost Rider instead decided to try and scare them straight or at least scare them for his catharsis. Ghost Rider transforms a train into an evil vehicle and takes hate group members on a ride through hellfire. Ghost Rider went too far with them, driving the train into a pit and putting their lives at risk. Ghost Rider saves them all before anyone is hurt or killed and then walks away from the hate group to leave his mark forever.

Ghost Rider stood up to racism and bigotry while other heroes from Marvel Universe chose to withdraw themselves from the fight, the most prominent being the X-Men. The X-Men, like Robbie Reyes, were persecuted because they were mutants. Instead of fighting for mutant rights and pushing for equality among humans, the X-Men chose to leave the situation and create their mutant-only nation called Krakoa. The X-Men chose to separate from the rest of humanity rather than stand up against racism. This is a recent development against everything Stan Lee created when he created mutant superheroes.

Ghost Rider used his powers to help those who couldn’t speak for themselves, particularly when racist rhetoric was becoming increasingly violent against existing people. Nothing violent occurred before Ghost Rider showed up. However, the situation was becoming more unstable. The demonic antihero intervened and chose to save the group from their hate speech. Ghost Rider defends his Hispanic heritage and the heritage of those around him.

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