Bully 2 Is Real & Will Be Shown Soon, Leaks Say [UPDATED]

Tom Henderson, a trusted insider, claims Bully 2 is real and could be revealed at The Game Awards in 2021. Fans have been waiting for the mythical sequel to bully from Rockstar Games since the mid-2000s. But, due to Grand Theft Auto 5and Red Dead Redemption 2, many lost hope. It seems that Bully 2 is happening, and players will learn more soon.

Rumors claimed that Bully 2 was canceled for GTA6. This is another title Rockstar has been working on for many years. Rockstar tried multiple times to make Bully 2multiple times but never succeeded in advancing the game’s development. Although there have been many rumors about the game coming back over time, it appears that it is happening now.

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Insider Tom Henderson pointed out that Bully 2 was expected to be revealed at The Game Awards 2021. Some people have also seen a “playable,” which suggests imminent announcement. It was interesting that Game Informer’s Blake Hester teased something about Bully2 on Twitter on December 13. This is a rumor at this point, so you should take it with a grain. However, it’s one of the most promising signs that Bully 2is is indeed happening.

The Bully has been canceled several times. However, it looks like it might finally happen. Rockstar is home to many different teams, so that this game may be developed in conjunction with Grand Theft Auto 6. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a project that required all hands on deck. However, Rockstar recently purchased Ruffian Games to make it Rockstar Dundee. This studio may have split off to make Bully and close the gap between Red Dead Redemption and GTA6.

It sounds like Bully2 could be revealed in the coming months if it is accurate. It’s possible that the developer was considered, but Rockstar decided to keep the spotlight on itself. Rockstar is yet to tease Bully2, but there may be news in 2022.

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