Xbox Releases Massive Four Hour 6-Part Documentary About Itself

Today, December 13, the Xbox YouTube channel uploaded a six-part documentary that recounts the 20-year history of Xbox. Microsoft first entered the gaming market in 2001, just over 20 years after the launch of the Xbox original. This console was a game-changer in many ways. It was the first console to have an integrated ethernet port.

Xbox also pushed the boundaries in software, notably Halo. These titles hit stores the same day as the hardware. Bungie’s shooter was the first to demonstrate the viability and usability of first-person shooters on consoles. It inspired many other sci-fi FPS titles, such as PlayStation’s Killzone franchise. Microsoft and Xbox have plenty of reasons to celebrate and have made every effort to do so with digital content, 20th-anniversary streams and other special events. The brand could also release a documentary at this time.

A YouTube channel for Xbox has released a series of six documentary segments that run approximately four hours. It was launched just a month after the 20th anniversary of Xbox. Titled Power On: The Story Of Xbox, this documentary traces every aspect of the history of the gaming division, including the fact that Xbox was rarely realized. The documentary also explores other vital events, such as the Red Ring of Death in Xbox 360. You can currently access all six parts, starting with the first link below: “Chapter 1 – The Renegades.”

It is great to see Xbox reaching an age where its legacy can be honored in the same way as Nintendo and PlayStation. This year has shown that Microsoft and Co. have plenty more to celebrate in the future.

Although Xbox 2021 started a little slow, it picked up speed in the second half thanks to the Xbox Game Pass offerings, the Forza Horizon HTML5 and Halo Infinite releases. The new Halo title received a lot of attention upon its initial launch of the multiplayer suite. This was just in time to celebrate the franchise’s 20th birthday. Xbox and 343 Industries launched the single-player campaign on December 8.

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