Sony Confirms Holland’s Spider-Man Will Appear In Future MCU Crossover Movie

Sony’s Tom Rothman confirmed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be returning for another MCU crossover. Holland’s Peter Parker version is currently preparing for his latest solo appearance with the premiere Spider-Man: No Way Home. Tonight’s Hollywood premiere will be followed by a wide release this weekend.

Since his debut in Captain America’s Civil War, Holland’s Spider-Man has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since his introduction in a href= “”>Captain America: Civil War, the character’s inclusion in the MCU was contingent on establishing ties between Sony and Marvel Studios to share him between the solo and ensemble Marvel movies. Fans are left wondering what Holland’s future holds for the MCU after the end of the current Holland-fronted Spider-Man trilogy.

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With Spider-Man now in theaters, new information has emerged about the future for Holland’s Spider-Man within the MCU. At the No Way home premiere, Tom Rothman, Sony Pictures, explained to the podcast that there is still at minimum one MCU crossover that would place Holland in the orbit of other Marvel characters. Rothman stated:

They lend one, then lend another, and that’s Benedict in the movie. We have one more lend back that is actually committed.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays the pivotal role of Doctor Strange in the initiation of Spider-Man: No Way Home. His presence is possible because of the nature of the studio partnership. Although there is currently only one confirmed crossover, it doesn’t necessarily mean closing the deal. Rothman made clear that both studios value their partnership, and they can negotiate new terms to keep Holland present in the MCU films. However, he also mentioned the possibility of finding ways to navigate his Sony-owned Spider-Man franchise.

It isn’t easy to imagine Sony refusing to share Holland’s Spider-Man with MCU. These crossovers are extremely popular with fans, and the Sony/Marvel partnership seems to be beneficial for all parties. It’s impossible to predict the future of the silver screen Spider-Man beyond the planned crossover with MCU. But there is no doubt that Peter Parker and Holland are box office giants. Spider-Man – No Way Home opens in theaters on December 17.

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