Sims 4 Glitch Makes Garden Salad Out Of a Sleeping Cat

This past week, a Sims4 player discovered a very disturbing glitch in their game. Their Sim saw a sleeping cat cross their Sim’s cutting board while they chopped vegetables for their garden salad. The Sims was released in 2009. Since then, there have been many bugs fixed by EA. Players experienced everything from cosmetic issues to game-breaking severe problems. While developers have made every effort to ensure a bug-free gaming experience for players, it has so much content for Sims 4 that there are bound to be problems.

The fourth installment of The Sims series is a popular simulation game. You can control the Sims’ lives and have complete control. The base game contains a lot of content. Over 35 expansion packs available can be purchased to add more activities and items. There are always bugs in games. With so much content, there is a lot of room for error. Over the years, Sims users have encountered many bugs of various sizes. Some are small and affect only the visuals, while others, like a bug that made Sims, can cause serious problems.

Reddit users shared a video this week of a glitch that they experienced. It shows a cat sitting on top of Sim’s cutting board, who seems to be peacefully sleeping while Sim makes a salad and chops vegetables. The Sim and the cat seem not to be bothered by this. Sim and the cat perform their tasks as standard, while the restful Zs emanate from the cat. The Sim takes the cutting board out from under the cat and continues mixing their ingredients, while the cat, unchanged by recent events, continues to sleep.

In March, the Sims 4 developer EA stated that they would actively patch The Sims 4 to fix the most severe glitches. The Sims 4 has received patches from EA ever since its release. However, the developer recently took a proactive approach to fixing any issues within the game. EA has also tried to include Sims users in the patches, encouraging them to report any issues while playing. They tend to fix more significant bugs, so more minor cosmetic issues such as this will be ignored. Glitches that directly impact gameplay mechanics will always focus their attention.

Sims players have experienced disturbing visual glitches in the past. These include clipping problems like this one, bugs that make their Sims look older and make them look more mature. It’s something every Sims4 player is familiar with, regardless of its severity. These visual bugs can be irritating, but for many Sims 4 players it is a source of enjoyment. Many Sims 4 fans enjoy sharing their strange discoveries with other Sims 4 members to have a good time sharing a joke.

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