The first class balance changes for Diablo 2 in over a decade are coming soon. Today, Blizzard revealed that the upcoming patch 2.4 will change every character to increase “build diversity” as well as provide more opportunities for each class to showcase their unique abilities.

To be fair, the patch is for Diablo 2 Resurrected. However, it still represents a significant change for long-term, committed fans who have stayed with it over the years.

“This patch is extremely special as it was the last to balance classes in Diablo II. It was Patch 1.13c. This was released back March 23, 2010. Blizzard wrote. “Now, eleven years later, we are making new changes to expand character diversity and preserve class fantasy and specialties. These are important goals. These goals are being met by reviewing skills that have not been used, assessing casting delays and making changes to the tooltip quality of life.

Although the Amazon is in a good position, it will be buffing some “underused melee abilities” so that players have greater motivation to use them. The Assassin’s Martial Arts and Traps skills, as well as some Barbarian’s Combat skills and skills synergy requirements are being “reevaluated”. The Druid will be getting buffs to Summon and Werebear and Elemental skills, particularly fire. Some of the Necromancer’s summons are also being modified, but Blizzard is satisfied with the overall state of the class, just like the Amazon. The Paladin’s skills will be enhanced to increase their effectiveness, and the area-of-effect damage auras will be more effective when they are close at hand. Blizzard is satisfied with the Sorceress Class, but wants to improve some skills so that different builds are possible.

Another major change in the 2.4 patch will be ladder play. This will allow players to unlock new Diablo 2 Runewords, which are only available in the ladder. Players who complete the runewords successfully will see their characters move into a non-ladder game. They will also be able to take another character into the next season in order to receive additional rewards. Blizzard plans to have ladder seasons that last for at least four months. Details are still being worked out.

There will be four ladder modes:

Standard Ladder is the casual version of Ladder that includes four acts.

Hardcore Ladder is the hardcore (only one life) version Ladder that includes playing with four acts.

Standard Expansion Ladder is the casual version of Ladder that includes five acts and contains the expansion “Lord of Destruction”.

Hardcore Expansion Ladder – This is the hardcore (only one life) version of Ladder that includes five acts and the expansion “Lord of Destruction”.

Blizzard is also exploring ways to improve mercenaries and add new Horadric Cube recipe recipes. I expect there to be bug fixes and tweaks. You can see the Diablo 2: Resurrected patch in action on the PTR in early 2022. A developer livestream with Robert Gallerani, senior game producer Matthew Cederquist will be available on December 16th at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 pm Eastern on Twitch.—how-to-get-free-points—how-to-get-free-points/c/zq9LSfE6fBU—how-to-get-free-moves—how-to-get-free-moves/c/Frdapdhcbu0

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