Valve has released an essential update to Dota 2. Although it doesn’t make any balance changes, it includes the return of a 4-player co-op, full controller support, and a significant overhaul of Mirana the hero. This update also includes a lot of cosmetics. However, you will need to spend on Dota 2’s battle pass, which costs $7.49 for a base level but can be purchased in more expensive forms ($41.99 for 100 levels).

Aghanim, a dude who created multiple dimensions, has given birth to the Continuum Vault mode. The Continuum Vault mode is accessible to all players. It can be entered in a party or solo matchmaking. You can also choose 14 of the game’s heroes to go through it. You might be wondering why not all the roster is available. Each hero has upgrade options and possible paths through Aghanim’s Blessings matrix. This is a way to gain permanent buffs and new heroes within this mode.

This is a bit like Dota-meets Diablo. You’ll be entering with more power, getting farther, discovering more bizarre abilities, and then starting over. It’s a return mode, but it’s not bad as Christmas gifts.

Community members are concerned that certain parts of the update may be locked behind the extremely high level of the battle pass. This is difficult to answer, as this update adds more critical stuff, and the battle pass stuff is cosmetic.

Miranda’s rework is the exception. Although it is paywalled, it takes quite a while to complete (unless you pay more), and clearly, there has been a lot of work involved (for example, 800 vocal lines were re-recorded by the developers). Although it seems reasonable to charge for this, there are many opinions. Players will also complain if they don’t get something they want at the end.

The controller support was a pleasant surprise. You could play Dota 2 using the Steam gamepad if I remember correctly. However, the game now works with any Steam Input compatible device (read: all). You should get the Nintendo Pro Controller.

The patch notes state that this is an experimental feature and is still developing. “We’d love your feedback to inform the changes we make.” You can switch between mouse and keyboard on the fly if you need the familiarity of classic methods. This FAQ covers controller support. The community will immediately take this as an insult du jour. This update is now live.–jour

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