Every Major Event In The Decade That ’90s Show Needs To Include

The 1990s were filled with pop culture landmarks, and historical events that That’s 90s Show will be referencing. These are the most important ones for the spinoff.

Netflix announced recently that It ’90s Show will be made by the streaming service. This spinoff of That 70s Show was set 20 years later. The spinoff must reference certain historical and cultural events. The first season of the spinoff has ten episodes. Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp and Kitty Forman will reprise their roles. The ’90s Show has a shorter running time than the original, but it still allows for references to the larger context of the 1990s. This decade was filled with significant events. There are moments that That’90s Show would be remiss to ignore.

The ’70s Show is one of Fox’s most popular sitcoms. The show centered around Eric Forman, a teenager (Topher Grace), and his high school friends, including Jackie (Mila Kunis), Hyde, Dany Masterson, and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) and Eric’s next-door neighbor and teenage love Donna (Laura Prepon). Eric and his friends grew up slowly over the decade, obsessing about Star Wars and all from Red’s basement.

The ’90s Show will continue 20 years later, in 1995, and will focus on Eric’s and Donna’s daughter Leia. Leia is now a teenager in the ’90s. It is unclear if Eric from That’70s Show and Donna from will appear in the sequel spinoff. That’70s Show was rooted in the cultural moments of the 1970s, and This ’90s show will likely keep that tone. These are the key events from the second half of 1990 that the spinoff should cover.

The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal and Presidential Impeachment

Monica Lewinsky, a 21-year old intern in the White House during the Clinton administration, was hired in 1995. President Clinton had coerced Monica Lewinsky into approximately two years within six months. The media storm spiraled out of control, eventually leading to President Clinton facing impeachment charges and Monica Lewinsky being subject to intense public shame and harassment. The story has been retold many times, including in Impeachment: American Crime Story, which focuses on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

It is hard to forget Bill Clinton’s famous line, “I had no sexual relations with that lady.” Red Forman would be compelled to discuss the President’s dishonorable conduct in That ’90s show. Red was not afraid to discuss politics and share his opinions with those around him in the bluntest way possible. Red is sure to have plenty to say at this moment.

The Batman Movies

Assuming Leia had the same love of pop culture as her parents, That’s Show would like to comment on the movies Batman ForeverBatman and Robin. A very different tone followed the second and third Batman movies starring Michael Keaton and Tim Burton. Batman Forever was mixed reviews. Batman & Robin was widely disliked. George Clooney, the Caped Crusader, said publicly that he was worried about the Batman franchise. With their rubber-nippled suits and cringe-inducing puns, the films are perfect for Leia’s those 90s Show friends.


Titanic was the most successful film and the ultimate epic romance movie. It was released in 1997. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio were able to play the star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose. Although the true story of Titanic may be less romantic, it is still a classic. Leia could watch the film with her boyfriend if she has one. Or just her friends and family. One of her Kelso-like friends might be able to stand on top of the water tower and shout “I’m the king of all the world!” before she falls off. The film had so many memorable lines and moments that the show could draw from it that it would have been difficult for writers to resist.

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