Last weekend’s launch of the survival game Icarus was quite successful, but there were some issues for players, including optimization problems, crashes and issues with the offline mode. RocketWerkz, the game’s developer, has been patching and hot fixing the game throughout the week. Another major patch is scheduled to go live this weekend.

Three new opportunities have been created for players who have completed all or most Icarus missions. Fire Walk will require players to retrieve a bio-weapon from the planet’s surface. In Wet Work, there is another predator to be eliminated. Solid Metal will guide you through gathering resources, processing them and placing them in drop pods to extract them into outer space.

Good news for those who have tried to find loot from dead bodies after they died: it should be much easier. It was challenging to locate your corpse or the loot bag it represents today. The map doesn’t zoom in very well, so it is hard to pinpoint the exact location. Dense foliage is excellent at hiding everything from animal carcasses and the loot sack you lose when you die.

An in-game marker will be available to display your loot bag. This will make finding the right place to put it is much easier. The player icons have been enhanced, and the compass waypoint icons are more significant.

The patch also notes highlights gold spawning more frequently, two new items that you can craft in space station workshops (a hammer or a campfire), as well as the squashing bugs that could hinder players from completing El Camino or Desert Expedition.

Icarus has been a fun game for me. After all the hard work to level up, I found that it wasn’t as monotonous as I thought. Although I still fear and hate bears, I will find my body much easier when they kill me.

These are the complete Icarus patch notes.

  • The MXC Hammer and the MXC Campfire added two new workshop items.
  • An increase in the number of gold spawns.
  • Higher meta deposit amounts for harder missions
  • An in-world marker has been added for loot-bags.
  • Improved map player icons. Colour support added. Zooming in on the map zooms will make icons smaller. Make the compass waypoint icon larger.
  • Scrolling now works with the mouse wheel on talent views that have no zoom enabled
  • Added Scroll bars are hidden on talent views when they’re not needed. (Player & Blueprint only require one).
  • To display connectivity status information, a HUD window has been added.
  • Additional connectivity information was added to the escape menu.
  • A button has been added to allow players to cancel out of the save prompt when they leave their prospect.
  • If the prospect notification has unclaimed resources/items, it will be changed and forcefully displayed on the screen.
  • To no longer need shelter, change electrical ceiling and wall lights.
  • Fuel-free Cooking Stations
  • The notification window for the accolades has been improved, and images have been added.
  • Improved locomotion animations in Buffalo and Wild Boar
  • Recent HUD. If there are any Talent or Blueprint points, they will always be displayed.
  • Reduced movement speed when carrying carcasses from animals (-10%/-20%/-30% depending upon size).
  • Outposts have been removed from the Fog of War.
  • Information on the latest translations for Asian and European languages.
  • El Camino’s mission has been fixed. This could have prevented it from moving forward.
  • Fixed an issue with the Desert Expedition mission that prevented players from continuing the game if they quit during boss fights.
  • Numerous issues related to the reloading mission status were fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where scanned meta-deposits wouldn’t reload properly.
  • Cosmetic rain issues fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in which some of the descriptions for accolades were wrong.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrectly labeled Cougar award
  • Fixed issue: Coal Ore could be removed from the world.
  • Resolved issues where specific electrical wires couldn’t be removed.
  • Fixed an issue in which some outposts had their map images missing
  • Fixed an issue in which players could use incorrect characters when naming their outposts.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘If It Works’ talent. Knives can split trees, but they won’t grant wood on automatic-collect.—how-to-get-unlimited-free—1000-apex-coins-for-free-2022–leaf-ticket-generator2022

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