Halo Infinite Will Let You Replay Levels, But Devs Don’t Know When

343 Industries claims players will be able to replay Halo Infinite’s story missions in the future but have not revealed when. Developer 343 Industries will add the ability to replay the story campaign mission in HaloInfinite. However, it is not yet clear when this feature will be available. After a problematic development cycle, Halo Infinite was delayed for a whole year. The latest installment of the Xbox sci-fi FPS franchise launched earlier this week. Halo Infinite has received high praise from reviewers, who noted how it is both a solid starting place for beginners and a satisfying return for long-time fans of Halo.

The announcement that they could only play through one mission in Halo Infinite’sstory campaign has been a controversial topic. You can go back to the missions to get cosmetic items. However, you cannot replay the actual missions unless you start over. 343 Industries stated that Halo Infinitenew-to-the-series open-world gameplay was the primary reason for their decision. However, many fans still want to relive Master Chief’s latest adventure without needing to start a new game. This could be changing, fortunately.

PCGamesN reports that Paul Crocker, 343 Industries’ associate creative director, recently complained about the lack of a Halo Infinite story mission replay feature. Crocker said that 343 Industries is working on adding a mission select feature in the game, but it’s unclear when. Crocker also discussed the challenges of making an open-world game, as opposed to Halo’straditional linear format. He stated that his team believed that was the best option to create a better game and add that later.

Replaying story missions wasn’t the only thing missing in Halo Infinite’s launch. Three hundred forty-three announced back in August that the game would not include fan-favorite campaign coop and level-designing Forge mode, but the developer has since assured players that they will be added next year. The Halo Infinite’sstory campaign and the earlier launch of its multiplayer components in a free-to-play model have been well received. Halo infinitebroke Xbox records for the most concurrent Steam players within hours of its multiplayer release. The only complaint apart from the missing features mentioned is HaloInfinite’sheavy reliance upon microtransactions.

HaloInfinite’s story campaign has received great reviews. It shouldn’t surprise that many fans would like to see replays of Master Chief’s battle with the Banished forces on the battlefield at Zeta Halo. 343 Industries have assured players that this ability will be available.

Although Halo Infinite feels like it has already been released, the official launch date of the highly anticipated campaign was December 8. Many Halo Infinite campaign reviews have already praised the new gameplay, and consumers will now be able to take back control of Master Chief. It may seem strange to some who have played the multiplayer beta for the past few weeks that Infinite now requires large downloads for the campaign’s release.

Although the multiplayer client already takes more than 25 gigabytes of storage, this doesn’t account for many campaign assets. Halo Infinite launches in chunks. This includes campaign co-op, Forge and delayed release of campaign coop. The campaign’s launch is like a DLC download or when a live game begins a new season and adds new content. Players with the Halo Infinite multiplayer already installed will download an additional 25Gb. However, there may be some overlap as the final file size will only be under 50GB.

The Halo Support Twitter account provided complete details about installation information. This lets players know how big an update they can expect for HaloInfinite, based on what they have installed. The campaign also includes a 4GB multiplayer update. Anyone who has played the multiplayer and has access to the campaign should expect the campaign and multiplayer updates to be around 30GB. File sizes may vary depending on the platform.

Where to Download Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite can be downloaded the same way as any other Xbox game. It will be available for purchase on the Xbox One, Series S or X’s built-in storefront. You can also buy it through Steam, Microsoft Store, Steam and Xbox App. Halo Infinite is also available at many video game retailers. However, the disc does not contain any game data. The Infinite physical copy is a glorified download code. All installation work will need to be done regardless. Halo Infinite is the first-party Xbox title and available on Game Pass for all subscribers.

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