Halo Infinite Confirms December 14th Release Date For Fiesta & Slayer

The much-requested Slayer playlist is now available with playlists for Fiesta, Free-For-All and Slayer. SWAT has been renamed Tactical Slayer.

Halo Infinite will soon add much-requested playlists in its multiplayer. Slayer, Fiesta and SWAT are just a few of the many options offered. 343 Industries’ official launch week of Halo Infinite was a success. Halo Infinite won The Game Awards’ Players Voice award on December 9. This was the only nomination, and the only award decided entirely by fans.

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer launched as a surprise beta on November 15. At the same time, the game was praised for its gameplay, greedy monetization practices and poor battle pass design-led fans to voice their disapproval. The Halo Subreddit was temporarily shut down to stop users from posting for 24 hours. Since then, the general discourse has settled down, with 343 Industries stating that improving multiplayer is their top priority.

343 Industries Community Director posted a post to the Halo subreddit. (via IGN). He explained a significant update in the multiplayer game, including multiple new playlists added with a December 14 patch. These playlists include Fiesta and Tactical Slayer (formerly SWAT), as well as the highly-requested Slayer. Slayer will only feature a primary Team Deathmatch mode. It was also noted that the original plans for a Slayer playlist had several new variants, which were not ready in time to deploy before the holiday break. Fiesta will be the only playlist that returns to the update. It was initially introduced as part of the first week’s Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event.

The most critical update section focuses on changes to the current game’s challenge system. Except for the newly adjusted XP gained by playing matches, the only way you can level up your battle pass (for Infinite’sfirst seasons) is to complete a series of unexpected challenges. These challenges are complex or focus on a single objective, such as earning kills using a specific weapon or vehicle. Halo Infinite is now adding challenges based upon player score. Ske7ch noted that this was “a small step towards performance-based XP.”

The multiplayer update is only one part of the rapidly-growing Halo universe. A new trailer for the live-action series on Paramount+ was finally released just one day after Halo Infinite’s campaign launch. The campaign received excellent reviews and was praised for its innovative take on Halo gameplay while advancing the series’ story significantly. Things look bright for Halo Infinite’s future for both the developers and the fans.

Halo to Halo Infinite has always been a sci-fi series that tugged at our hearts, mainly when we focus on the complicated relationship between Master Chief, his A.I. assistant, Cortana. Earlier this month, Microsoft released Halo infinite’s campaign to various outlets and content creators. The demo showed the first few missions and provided a lot of information about the game’s story.

Master Chief can walk through space debris at low gravity at Warship Gbraakon. He is crashing into ships and passing by dead UNSC marines. Master Chief enters the ship and speaks with the Weapon A.I., very similar to Cortana. She claims that Cortana, the “Rogue A.I.,” has been deleted. However, neither character knows the identity of Cortana, which may lead to mystery players solving the mystery in the campaign.

The campaign preview shows Cortana speaking in Master Chief’s ears. This clarifies that the player will be investigating Cortana and her death in this campaign. As Master Chief prepares to enter the ship’s hull, Cortana says, “If only you could know how you would die, what would you do differently?” Halo infinite’s campaign trailer. These voice lines, which are haunting callbacks to previous games, are heartbreaking when you consider Cortana’s fate in Halo 5.

Master Chief’s new companion realizes Cortana’s worst fear.

These whispers continue as Chief and his Weapon A.I. keep the conversation going. Assistant peruse Foundation, finally hearing Cortana saying, “They’ll pair your with another A.I. Halsey may allow them to add another Cortana model. It won’t me, you know this, right?” Chief and the Weapon A.I. recite the quote. Some Cortana data lingering around the station may come into contact. This painful voice line, Halo 4, has proven remarkably accurate. The weapon is Chief’s new Cortana-style friend in Halo Infinite and even is the same type of A.I. model.

These quotes, which play throughout the Halo Infinite campaign Preview mission, provide a backstory on John-117’s journey from being a child to becoming the Master Chief. They also provide a deeper look into Cortana’s and Chief’s relationship. All of this leads to the heartbreaking realization that Cortana has been replaced. This all shows that the campaign will be brutal, especially for players who have been attached to Cortana from previous games.

Halo Infinite’s campaign is sure to reveal more about Cortana’s and Master Chiefs’ stories. Players don’t know the identity of Cortana’s A.I. or what happened to Zeta Halo. They also don’t know why the Banished are trying to destroy humanity. Players will likely find answers to all of these questions when they go through the campaign for Halo infinite.

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