Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is free-to-keep on Steam for a limited time

Techland will have a Steam publisher sale to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. They also give away the FPS Call of Juarez Gunslinger cowboy FPS Call of Juarez. Before the sale ends, you can get your copy of FPS Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Steam.

Other items included in the sale include driving games Xpand Rally Xtreme and Xpand Rally Xtreme. They are both available for sale at 90% off. Each is only 50 cents. Pure Farming 2018 Deluxe is 87%, God’s Trigger 75%, Dying Light is on sale for 60% if you decide to buy it.

Gunslinger, a historical shooter that can be played alone and with an unreliable narration by Silas Greaves, is one of the most popular Calls of Juarez titles. Richard Cobbett gave it an 84 rating in his review. He said, “As expected, it’s a linear gunner set in a romanticized Wild West (which at one point the game admits is completely balls). Greaves and his viewers comment on it throughout. The narration changes the world frequently to suit the story. For example, one scene has you fighting through a mine of dynamite with guns blazing. Greaves snarls, “That’s why you didn’t,” and rewinds the story to tell it “properly.”–jour-de-codes-de-cartes-cadeaux-gratuits-netto–jour-de-codes-de-cartes-cadeaux-gratuits-netto/c/uvHlhImNPeQ–jour-gratuite–jour-gratuite/c/f7u25OaQhQ8–jour-de-compte-premium-gratuit-onlyfans–jour-de-compte-premium-gratuit-onlyfans/c/VM3PY_-bktI

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