Free Games: Halo and Build Your Own Prison. Trade Alien Organs

Because I have spent my entire income on gifts I couldn’t afford for my family and friends, all I want for Christmas are a few video games. If you are in the same boat, I have a treat for you. My excellent picks for the top games you can play now for free or with a subscription you may already own.

They’ll be enough to entertain you during the endless stream of Christmas movies that your mum has made. I have hopefully seen Elf and will keep you informed if it changes due to circumstances beyond my control.

Here are some freebies to help you.

Master Chief, Welcome Back

It’s nothing. Only the Haloseries makes its triumphant return on Xbox and PC Game Pass. There was never a better reason to play the Xbox’s iconic FPS series Halo Infinite. In 2021 Dean stated that Halo Infinite would make or break the series. It seems like the fans have been very pleased with the game . The same Dean enjoyed the game in his review.

Halo Infinite has survived the intense scrutiny that comes with any title this large, and it will hopefully continue to improve over time.

Dean stated that Halo Infinite was the game that would make 343 Industries a success. After a few rocky starts, this is a fun, much-needed return of form for the franchise. Although the campaign feels empty, there is a lot of potential for DLC. Despite some issues with multiplayer, core gameplay is still very enjoyable. I’m excited to see where 343 takes this series.

With Xbox or PC Game Pass players can now play the campaign as well as the highly entertaining multiplayer mode that has been available for several weeks. It’s a joy to play. It’s a joy to see the dev team continually fixing issues with this game. So any bugs or bumps are likely to get squashed sooner than expected.

No Escape

Have you ever wanted to play Zoo Tycoon and The Movies but set against a dystopian prison-industrial complex background? Prison Architect might be the right game for you.

It seems that only the most brutal wardens are capable of dealing with the most brutal prisoners. Are you going to be creating horrendous, human rights-abusing hellholes? Will you instead try a more positive system? You will need to keep it up when the scraps start coming out.

Prison architect is an extremely complex game that will keep you engaged for hours, creating the perfect penitentiary. Then you can go into Escape Mode to escape from your prison. Although it is a massive undertaking, it’s well worth the effort if you can afford it.

You should have a look at this! You can get it for free from the Epic Games Store for PC. Godfall Challenger Edition can also be downloaded while you are there. The games will be available for download from December 9 through December 16 and then they disappear.

Organ Trading Simulator?

Do you want something more ethical than running your own prison? I have the perfect game for you. You can sell the organs of aliens to the black market.

“Buy, Sell, and Trade Organs in a Strange and Changing Universe. Explore the squirting innards alien capitalism in this sci-fi horror market tycoon video game.

I have to admit that Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator has been the most exciting of all the freebies this week. I have never tried a game that requires me to dissect and sell the innards otherworldly creatures and frightening traders in order to get my delicious spleen. I enjoyed Hypnospace Overlaw and Can Androids SurviveSpace Warlord Organ Trading Simulator was written by the lead author of those games, so I’m looking forward to a real treat.

X and PC right now.

December’s PS Plus

There are some solid PS Plus options for December. There’s a good chance that you will find the right product for you, from DC comic villains to punishing spiritslikes.

Mortal Shell was a game I featured in my Free Games column. It’s the Xbox Game Pass version. PlayStation owners, it’s now your turn to punish yourselves in an attempt at survival in a world that desperately needs you dead. You can get the PS4 version Mortal Shell on PlayStation Plus.

LEGO DC Super Villains is a more relaxed option. My little brother and I used to play Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy together in our childhoods. We shared a keyboard on the Windows XP computer of our mother. I hope that the children of today can recreate those happy memories.

Finally, there’s Godfall. Yes, it’s the same one as the Epic Games Store. It is also controversial. According to Ewan “Players will have access to three modes as well as a few endgame content and the option to upgrade to full version.” It’s not the full game, but it will give players a glimpse of what it’s like.

I hope you enjoy these festive treats that I have brought down to your e-chimney. If you’re interested, I can trade intestinal stonks with Spartans in Infinite. I’m excited.

Which are you most eager to get into free? There is a lot of choice this week. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy. Anyway, I’m off. My housemate has put on a Transformers movie at Film4, so I’m off.


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