“Forza Horizon 5” finally featured an avatar I saw myself in

Sometimes, sports and racing games are hidden gems for character customization options. Xbox’s Forza Horizon series has expanded the variety of its character creator with its latest entry, Forza Horizon ( read our review here). Monica Fan, a game designer, has mixed feelings about the new character creator.

Fan says that there was no Asian-looking face in any of the games for many years. Fan explains that recently, one Asian face was found in Forza Horizon. While Fan calls it a “huge advancement,” Fan points out that the options for personalization and customization are limited and sometimes not well implemented in games. “As a game developer, I feel that sometimes the Asian option can be an afterthought.”

Fan uses Fan to express themselves stylistically, despite the limitations of character creators, making it difficult for players to portray themselves accurately. Fan says that most of the games they’ve played have been very masculine. They try to express their feminine selves within the system, even if it’s limited to color customization options. They do have more options, though. “I wear cat ears to parties, and I try to put them on whenever I can.”

Forza Horizon 5 is (tragically) missing in cat ears. A fan had to choose between their pink hair and blue hair. However, the character customization has a unique element that allows them to express themselves visually as someone with chronic pain: prosthetic legs. Fan says that he has suffered from pain in his right leg since he was a teenager. This has greatly limited my ability to move. Fan says, “o I have a right prosthetic foot in games to make my character more real. Maybe it’s fantasy to be able to move freely without pain. Even if that means losing a leg?

Forza Horizon allows you to customize your character. You can also decorate your car with a variety of other designs. Players have access to a public gallery to view others’ creations. Fan still feels that the open-world driving game allows them to express themselves in a masculine setting. However, they are grateful for the contributions of other designers. FFan’schoice of decor ranges from muted colors to pop culture references to anime. However, Fan says they prefer the anime girl decor as it best represents their style.

Forza Horizon5 has expanded the character ccreator’sdiversity by including prosthetic limbs and gender-neutral pronouns. This gives players more options to imagine themselves in its world while also burning rubber in a custom-vinyl’d car. It also draws attention to its limitations and those of other character creators.

This is the first part of a series that explores how people play games in their ways through customization, character choice, and other forms of inspiration. They show their ‘other me. Continue reading: God of War 2, Destiny 2, Stardew Valley and Crusader Kings III. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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