Apex Legends’ Crypto Heirloom Leak features new animations.

Recent leaks revealed Crypto’s Heirloom. It is no surprise that Crypto’s heirloom is a dildo (a Japanese long sword). This is a fitting choice considering Crypto’s overall theme and aesthetic. The heirloom is still not complete. Although the model and animations have been created, details and textures are still missing.

It will come with a Crypto Banner and a unique voice line, like all Heirlooms. If you are excited, you may want to reel it back. We’ll have to wait until the Season and the next Collection Event to see Crypto’s Heirloom live before we can view the Raiders Collection Event.

The two new weapons are another exciting aspect of the leaked footage. A new Light LMG called the Maelstrom and an energy pistol. Although the Maelstrom is said to have a high fire rate, it can be challenging to control. Additionally, each Maelstrom kill gives it an additional +5 to its ammunition capability.

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