Game Pass for Serious Sam 4 now

Microsoft stunned everyone last night when it shadow-dropped Serious Sam 4 on Game Pass without much fanfare. A tweet from @XboxGamePass confirmed the release. It has since been removed. It feels strange to release the game today, just one day before Halo Infinite’s campaign.

If you do not have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, the game can be purchased at the Microsoft Store for both Xbox Series X/S or Windows PC. The Serious Sam 4 Launch Bundle is recommended as it includes the Serious Sam Collection, also known as Serious Sam 1 HD and Serious Sam 2 HD.

Game Pass is available for So Serious Sam 4

Yes, Serious Sam is available on Game Pass. It’s a great shooter series, and you should play it. There are four of them.

What is Serious Sam 4?

Croteam developed Serious Sam 4, a first-person shooter video game. The original title of the game was Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass. It is a prequel for Serious Sam 3: Best Friends Ever. This game tells a different story about Sam and Earth Defense Force fighting off alien invaders.

Croteam and Devolver Digital explains the plot of Serious Sam4 on their store page in the following:

“Humanity is under siege, as the full force Mental’s hordes spread throughout the world, ravaging any remnants of a broken and battered civilization. Earth Defence Force, led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his highly-armed squad commandos of misfits, is the last resistance to the invasion.

Croteam’s high-powered prequel to Serious Sam returns to us with an action-packed sequel that takes chaos to new heights. Players will need to use their unstoppable arsenal against unimaginable enemies. This forces them to circle-strafe, backpedal-blast their ways out of difficult situations.

Serious Sam 4 was released in August 2020. However, it was previously only available for PC and Google Stadia. Like Serious Sam 3:BFE, the whole game can be played in a four-player co-op. Xbox Game Pass makes it easy to sell to friends who might like to shoot aliens along with you. It’s great to see it there.

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