Skyrim Speedrunner Slays Alduin In Under 75 Minutes, Beats Own Record

A relentless speedrunner who climbs from the lowest dungeon up to the highest peak has set a world record for completing The Elder Scrolls in less than 75 minutes. The iconic fantasy role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios was a huge hit back in 2011. It has remained popular to this day. The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim Anniversary Edition was recently launched on November 11. This gives both new and old players the chance to enjoy the epic quest with the latest-gen improvements.

Due to its massive success in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has seen many re-releases. In 2013, the Skyrim: Legendary Edition was released, which combined the title with three pieces of downloadable content. This allows players to experience role-playing fully. The Skyrim Special Edition was then released for Xbox One and PS4 with enhanced graphics. The title is now available with Skyrim-Anniversary Edition. Official mods have been added to celebrate the title’s 10th birthday. Gamers all over the globe continue to enjoy Bethesda Game Studios’ fantasy title, despite its age. Skyrim also has a speedrunning community that competes to win the game as fast as possible.

They are reported that YouTuber and speedrunner nuclear could complete The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim in just an hour and twelve minutes. This intense world record run-through was done without exploits or glitches. Nuclear must rely on their reflexes as well as their knowledge of the game to complete it. The speedrunner is a flawless sprinter who can jump, climb, and jump through the frozen fields of Skyrim. He ignores character dialogue and avoids almost all fights. Pro-Dragonborn tips are also helpful, such as the fact High Elf characters can move significantly faster than other races and that shoving characters can speed up conversations. Shout-based parkour is also helpful, but the final battle between Alduin & the low-level protagonist can be mainly won thanks to the assistance of allies. This record-breaking world run of 1:12:15 beats nuclear’s previous best time, 1:14:07.

Speedrunning is a fascinating aspect of the gaming industry. It allows gamers to conquer their favorite games in record time. This speed feat is often achieved quickly—one player completed Pokemon Shining Pearl in just one hour. Recently released remasters 2006’s Pokémon Pearl into the modern-day. Speedrunner Webster completed the monster collection quest within 50 minutes. This feat is different from nuclear’s Skyrimspeedrun. It makes use of glitches. A menu glitch allows the speedster to skip large portions of the game’s content.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most loved and well-known videogames of all time. The game’s open world, unique questlines, and the big open world make it accessible to everyone. But few people are as skilled or dedicated as nuclear to enjoy Skyrim the way that nuclear does. The relentless speedrunner was an able breeze through Bleak Falls Barrow and the Thalmor Embassy without breaking a sweat to set a world record. Nuclear, which defeated Alduin at a time when most players were still customizing their characters’ eyebrows, demonstrates the popularity of Skyrim.



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