BOTW’s Yiga Clan Will Even Steal One-Hit Obliterator DLC Weapon

One player of Breath of the Wild has gone extreme by taking up Lynel Cliff Diving. BOTW offers multiple ways to defeat enemies. This is thanks to the game’s many tools and features. Players often discover new and unexpected routes to victory in battle. The Lynel Cliff Diving adventure didn’t go as planned for the gamer.

Zelda – Breath of the Wild was released in 2017. However, the game is still a popular title in Nintendo’s catalog. This is due to the freedom it gives players through its gameplay. BOTW has unique fighting mechanics that include rune powers, degradable weapons and other maneuvers. It also houses a wide range of enemies, from the more common Bokoblins to the fierce Lynels. The game’s enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, which allows for strategic play. Lynels, which are some of the most challenging foes to defeat, is widely acknowledged.

Redditor ThornyFox posted their encounter with a Lynel on the Breath of the Wild Subreddit. It showed their daring cliff diving with the formidable foe. The video shows the player climbing up a cliff to try to mount the Lynel as the enemy falls to the water below. As the Lynel drops, the player can sit on top of it. This causes Link and his enemy both to jump into the water. The player is disappointed to find that the Lynel doesn’t appear to have been killed by the dramatic cliff dive. He’s still there when the player hits the water. ThornyFox reports that the game was soft-locked after the cliff dive. He noted: “Although the Lynel [sic] disappears after the video ends, I was still down there.”

This video may be the most bizarre BOTW Lynel encounters yet. It proves that a cliff diving strategy is not a good one for taking down an enemy. Unseasoned Players may find Lynels more challenging to defeat than some of the game’s bosses. Without a plan, good weapons and a lot more heart health, it is almost impossible to defeat a Lynel. As ThornyFox demonstrated, simply pushing them off a cliff into water will not be enough to end their lives.

The Zelda video shows that BOTW allows for freedom in battle, but the Nintendo game permits not all. Players have been testing its limits with exploits and glitches since its release to discover everything Wild has. This has meant previously-disallowed elements have been made possible over the years, with BOTW horses glitched into Gerudo Desert, Link being given an extreme sunburn and more. The Lynel clip might spark more investigations by the community. They may yet discover a way to cliff-dive to defeat Lynel.


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