According to SteamDB, Final Fantasy 14 broke its concurrent player record this weekend after Endwalker was released. In a badly-reviewed state, it was released in late 2010 that many call the ‘failed version.’ In 2013, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was launched: From then onwards.

December 5 saw 95,150 players play the game, increasing from July 2021’s record of 67.148. Steam doesn’t account for all the players on the game’s PC. Many people own the game through Square Enix, and there are also players across both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.

A new expansion will always bring in more players. However, Final Fantasy 14’s continued success is primarily due to the mass WoW departure earlier this year. Final Fantasy 14 saw a lot of WoW players visit this year to get the Kool-Aid. CohhCarnage and Asmongold were primarily responsible for June’s player record. Seeing it smashed once more is a testimony to how well FF14 has retained its new influx.

Although it’s lovely to see the game succeed, it has also caused a lot of headaches. Queues for login were long, with players frequently getting Error 2003 messages. This caused them to lose their place and forced them to start a lengthy wait. Although I could log in without any problems, my guildmates and friends often had to wait between one and five hours to get the latest expansion.

Square Enix tried to temper expectations before Endwalker’s launch. The ongoing semiconductor shortage meant no new servers available to support the already large player base. However, I believe the player count exceeded my expectations. A current subscription offers seven days of no-cost game time to players who have an active subscription. There may be more compensation depending on how things turn out.–jour-sans-vrification–jour-sans-vrification/c/ZxPE9gS3w48–jour–jour/c/hd6r-XhPuR8

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