Jennifer Tilly Confirms Chucky Season Finale Is 90 Minutes Long

Jennifer Tilly, an Academy Award nominee, has confirmed that the finale of the Chucky TV season will be a feature-length event, running to 90 minutes. Chucky was the antagonist of the Child’s Play movie series. It spanned seven movies in its initial run and a remake/reboot that was released in 2019. The Child’s Play movies are both popular and controversial. Chucky has become a pop culture icon. The show Chucky picks up from the seventh movie in the series, Cult of Chucky, follows the murderous doll’s journey as he kills again. Jennifer Tilly played Chucky’s love Tiffany Valentine in Bridal of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. She also appeared in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

The 63-year old Tilly now says the finale will last 90 minutes. She also posted a picture of herself holding multiple Chucky dolls. This tweet seems to confirm that the Californian actress, who plays a regular part in the show’s finale, will also be in it. Below is Tilly’s original tweet:

The show will see Tilly return to Tiffany’s role and Brad Dourif (who voiced Chucky in all seven original movies) returns to the franchise. Alyvia Alyn Lind, Teo Briones and Devon Sawa are also part of the cast. Alex Vincent played Andy Barclay, the protagonist in the original Child’s Play movie. The show aired on Syfy and USA Network. It received positive reviews from audiences and critics. Recently, it was announced that Charlie had been renewed for a second season, which will premiere in 2022.

In CHUCKY episode 7, the various threads from the CHUCKY TV show came together. The killer doll’s plan was finally revealed, and Junior became his protege. Since Chucky (Brad Dourif) targeted Hackensack in New Jersey, he has tried to lure teens to his dark side. He was close to Jake (Zackary) Arthur, but the two became enemies. Chucky also failed to succeed with Caroline (Carina Pattrick) or Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind). However, the theory was finally confirmed when Junior, Teo Briones, became Chucky’s protégé in Chucky episode 7, “Twice as Grieving, Two Times the Loss.”

Junior started his life as a successful student and athlete. But, over Chucky season 1, Junior’s life has been increasingly rocky. Recent circumstances have seen his best friend and girlfriend move more towards Jake, leaving Junior feeling alienated. His mother, Bree Doig (Lexa Doig), was killed in front of him shortly after he broke up with Lexy. Junior believed it was suicide and was left with Logan (Devon Sawa), his father. He was convinced that his only constant caretaker had abandoned him. This led to a lot of hate. Junior was a prime candidate for the manipulations by Chucky (Jennifer Tilly). Junior succumbed to his anger and killed his father, somewhat in line with another Chucky theory about multiple killer dolls running rampant in Hackensack. The endgame and Chucky’s schemes were made more clear.

Junior dealt each blow to his father’s skull. A Chucky doll could be seen waking up in the horde at Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home, seemingly as if it was waking up. A captured Devon (Bjorgvin Arkarson) watched as a Chucky doll’s hands moved and the eyes blinked. Jake also saw that the seemingly innocent Billy that Jake had caught also jumped to life and grabbed a knife. It was not accidental that Junior killed his first victim and then woke up. It revealed the reason why Chucky was “murder-whispering around town. There is a correlation or some power in inciting such a violent moment. This is something Chucky has wanted to exploit to activate his army. As such, the Chucky TV Show has succeeded in exploring Chucky’s origin and opened the door to expanding on the mysticism that is the core of the Child’s Play Franchise.

Junior’s descent into darkness and joining Chucky’s team coincided with Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) arriving in Hackensack. Junior and Chucky watched as Andy walked up to the house from a window. The killer doll said that Junior’s actions had made it clear that the “real fun” could begin. Chucky likely knew Andy was hunting down his cult, and the events were about putting pieces in place for an attack. He’s now in the trap without any backup and with a lot more enemies than he expected, thanks to Christine Elise’s Kyle, who didn’t make it to Hackensack with Andy.

Chucky episode 7, “Twice The Grieving, Double Loss,” set the stage for the final confrontation. Mayor Michelle Cross (Barbara Alyn Woods), trying to appease the media, announced that a charity movie screening would be held. This will undoubtedly lead to the slaughter of the town’s citizens. Andy and his younger friends will be confronted with more Chucky dolls than expected, a still Chucky-possessed Nica, Tiffany (if she is loyal), and Junior, who may become a sleeper agent. It’s inevitable that it’ll be one of the most critical battles in the entire Child’s Play/Chucky franchise and will determine its future. Surprise allies such as Annie Briggs’ mysterious miss Fairchild (who might be Glenda?) and others could help even the odds in this final.

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