Hawkeye Kate Bishop Comic Cover Recreated With Hailee Steinfeld

Mizuki, a fan artist, has recreated the cover of Kate Bishop’s solo comic series using Hawkeye’s Hailee Sternfeld in his latest piece. Steinfeld plays the role of the young Avenger Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) during the holiday season. On November 24, the first two episodes of the six-part series aired.

Steinfeld portrays Kate Bishop, the daughter of a wealthy family that owns a New York-based security company. Clint Barton saves Kate and her family from the Chitauri invasion of New York. Her father is killed during the battle. Kate dedicates herself to being a hero after her death. After destroying a clock tower, Kate is taken from college and then attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia. She donned Clint’s Ronin suit to confront them at an auction heist. As Clint draws Kate into his world, she must work with Clint to become a part of the MCU. One fan artist created this piece of art to celebrate Kate’s MCU debut.

Australian fan artist Mizuri Their Instagram account shared a recreation from issue 1 of Kate Bishop’s 2016 solo series. Hawkeye Kelly Thompson wrote the story, and Leonardo Romero illustrated it. This piece is a recreation of Julian Totino Tedesco’s artwork but incorporates Steinfeld’s MCU portrayal. Missouri also praised the first two episodes of the series and Steinfeld’s character. She revealed that they did the piece to test out a new drawing tablet. Below is Mizuri’s post.

Hawkeye carries its comic origins on its sleeve. Comic artist David Aja had criticized the production for not adequately compensating him for his inspiration when the series’ teaser posters were released. Following the release of the first episode, fans demanded appropriate compensation. They noted that Aja’s work heavily inspired even the opening credits. This led to more discussion about how Marvel Studios credits Aja and other artists.

Although there are many issues about Marvel Studios’ treatment of artists and writers, it is always a treat to see fans mix comic source material with MCU counterparts. Missouri’s recreation shows how Steinfeld’s portrayal of the comic character is accurate. Hawkeye is focused on Kate’s early days with Clint. However, this artwork can be used as a speculative piece to imagine how Kate might look in her solo MCU adventures if the studio decides to adopt them.

Kate Bishop’s origins in Hawkeye and her response at the Battle of New York make Nick Fury’s perfect Avenger. Although Clint Barton’s Disney+ show is the first to feature him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton still needs to share the spotlight. Hailee Sternfeld’s Kate Bishop, co-lead for Hawkeye, was introduced to viewers in the first episodes. She was able to show her ability as a hero, and she also flashed back to her roots.

The episode’s first episode, Hawkeye, took place in 2012. It shows Kate’s life in the Battle of New York in The Avengers. Kate was able to see the Chitauri invasion under Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in detail, as her family’s apartment was destroyed during the attack. Even though some aliens appeared to be coming straight for Kate, it was stopped by a perfectly executed show arrow that caused them all to explode. Unknowingly, Hawkeye saved Kate’s life that day. Kate’s experience at the Battle of New York was a valuable lesson for her future, especially after her father passed away. Her response to the alien invasion was also notable.

Kate and Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga have managed to escape their apartment. Hawkeye then jumps to the funeral for Derek Bishop (Brian d’Arcy James). Kate asks her mother a few questions about what would happen if the aliens return. Eleanor attempts to comfort her daughter, telling her that the Avengers stopped them once before and can stop them again. Kate can understand what Eleanor is trying to tell her, but it is not enough. Instead, she explains how the Battle of New York changed her outlook and states that she must be prepared to defend them if this happens again. Kate decides to get a bow and starts training in different ways. This response to the Battle of New York is why she would be Nick Fury’s perfect Avenger.

Kate Bishop uses the Battle of New York to motivate her to be ready for whatever happens. This is similar in style to how Iron Man or Nick Fury behaved throughout Phase 1 and 2. Fury was the first to interact with aliens in Captain Marvel. However, The Avengers claim that Fury and SHIELD started developing weapons to defend Earth after Thor. They were compelled to use the Tesseract’s power to make weapons after Asgardians arrived. This would allow them to stand up against a possible fight with Thor’s type. Iron Man increased his armor production immediately after the Battle of New York. This eventually led to the creation of Ultron. Marvel’s Nick Fury, Iron Man, and Kate Bishop channeled their fear into being better equipped to protect humanity.

This will likely motivate Kate Bishop to be the MCU’s main Hawkeye. Kate’s hero journey is just beginning. It shouldn’t take long for her to become an Avenger. After Hawkeye, the Young Avengers is most likely her next step. However, she could still join the central Avengers team in the future. Kate Bishop and Nick Fury may cross paths, and their shared mentality creates a bond. It will depend on how Secret Invasion or The Marvels shape Nick Fury’s story and possible MCU future.

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