Call of Duty: Vanguard Wall Hacker Gets Exposed by Dr. Disrespect

Guy “Dr. Respect” Beahm, a popular YouTube streamer, was stunned when exposed to a wall hacker during his Call of Duty: Vanguard match. Vanguard was released on November 5 and featured a World War II-themed campaign.

An ex-Sledgehammer-Games developer-turned-popular-streaming-personality, Beahm first rose to fame on the live streaming platform Twitch playing FPS titles such as Call of Duty and PUBG. Beahm is most well-known for his distinctive outfit, including a red tactical vest, sunglasses and a black wig. The Doc was a popular Twitch streamer during his time on the site. However, he was mysteriously removed from the platform in June 2020. Although there are many theories and claims about why Dr. Disrespect was banned in June 2020, Beahm did not confirm any of these claims earlier this year, and he stated that he does know the reason.

According to Dr. Disrespect’s Vanguard match went wrong when a cheater joined the game. A clip shared by Twitter user WickedGoodGames showed Dr. Disrespect listing his goals for the new FPS. He stated that he needed help with sightlines and map layouts. He added “Today will be a good one” to his clip before being placed in a Search and Destroy lobby. Dr. Disrespect lost his game quickly because the game mode only allowed one round of play without respawns. A hacker discovered an exploit that would allow him to hide behind a wall to score easy kills.

The streamer Dr. Disrespect is known for his vocal criticisms of unfair gameplay. He recently lost his temper and broke his controller during a Halo Infinite Match. The Doc was utterly speechless when the streamer decided to expose the hacker. He watched his teammates kill their opponents behind a wall before the glitch caused the cheater’s death. The streamer was silent about what he saw, but his colleagues were more open to the idea, mocking him and saying, “that’s how you get….”

It’s not surprising that Disrespect, a hacker known for his ability to voice his opinions on games’ issues, left the streamer speechless. While cheating is still a significant problem in many FPS games, cheaters are evident in the Vanguard. This is a shame for those who hope for some relief from hackers. Warzone, Vanguard, and Vanguard both will soon receive an Anti-Cheat. This is kernel-level anti-cheating software that targets hackers.

An exploitable bug in Duty: Vanguard was discovered immediately after its official release. This could give an advantage to those who play in the Search and Destroy mode. Vanguard was released last week on November 5, to mostly positive reactions, with many critics praising the new Zombies mode.

There are several installments to the Call of Duty franchise. These include Search and Destroy mode. This elimination-based battle pits an attacking against a defense team. The attacking team must either kill the entire defending team or explode explosives at two designated bomb locations. The first team to win four rounds of Search and Destroy mode is the winner. Many strategies can lead to success for a team; one helpful defensive strategy is to find the bombs of the attacker team and defuse them before detonation.

Call of Duty Twitch streamer MuTeX (via Game Rant ) Recently, I posted a video of a bomb-defusing error that I encountered. Vanguard’s You can search and destroy mode. MuTeX tweets, “[I] 100% certain people are abusing the bomb-defusing glitch. This glitch caused me to lose a bet match. Warzoneexpert, MuTeX The bug happens after a bomb has been planted. After dropping the bomb and getting it ready to explode, the bug occurs. “Defend” The icon appears above the site, which seems normal. This icon changes to say after a player starts their defusing of the bomb. “Defuse Target.” The bomb-makers are now notified when the explosive is in danger of being defused. This allows players to gain an advantage by hiding out or staying close enough to the explosion until it explodes. “Defend” icon changes.

MuTeX stated that the glitch, although it may seem like an intentional addition to the Search and Destroy gameplay, the “Defuse Target” label was likely an accident. Previous Call of Duty games had these modes’ Search and Destroy modes. According to reports, Vanguardbeta had some severe disruptive issues. Developer Sledgehammer Games responded with bug fixes and graphical changes and an overhaul of its audio mix as recently as October 28.

Sometimes, glitches can occur right after launching a game—call of Duty games such as Warzoneare highly susceptible to hacker attacks and game-breaking exploits. Vanguard’s beta included experienced hackers who could quickly and prematurely end matches. This means that it’s possible that the Search and Destroy bomb-defusing glitch will not be Vanguard’sbiggest issue.


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