Animal Crossing Player Discovers Large Fossils’ Funniest Detail

An Animal Crossing player discovered another example of the developer’s attention to detail when designing a villager house in the DLC Happiest Home Paradise. The game revealed that the huge fossil they used to decorate the room was true to height. The skull of the dinosaur created a large hole in the ceiling.

It has been a busy month for Animal Crossing. The game’s highly-anticipated 2.0 update was released at the beginning of November along with Happy Home Paradise. The DLC is about interior design, and gamers were inspired to create vacation homes for NPCs and villagers. The DLC introduced new features and decorating options, including adjustable room sizes and partition walls, and new furniture. This has led to a flurry of creative builds that have been shared in the Animal Crossing community. Users are posting everything from unhappy homes to luxurious mansions with the new DLC.

Reddit user Upperclasshole shared an exceptional detail while building a vacation home. When they placed a large fossil, which they believe to be a Brachiosaurus Skull, in the room and examined it with the handheld camera view, the skull crashed through the ceiling. This shows that the game considers an object’s height and that rooms can have a maximum height for objects contained in the – details previously unknown to the Animal Crossing community. New camera modes in the Animal Crossing2.0 update allow gamers better to understand the intricate design features within the game. This hilarious ceiling hole discovery is a perfect example.

Many of the new design elements in Happy Home Paradise are already known to players. Still, this ceiling detail suggests that there may be more design elements that players haven’t yet discovered. Players have speculated if there could be other objects they could put inside their homes to break the ceiling, particularly with so many new items in Happiest Home Paradise. Although no ceiling-breaking objects have yet been found, gamers will be inspired by this post to attempt to destroy their villager vacation homes.

This isn’t the first example of excellent attention to detail in Animal Crossing. New Horizons players have been impressed with the little details in the game ever since its release. Fans of the series love the seemingly insignificant details such as plants moving in the wind, interactive instruments, or secret villager conversations. This latest discovery perfectly illustrates a large part of Animal Crossing’s appeal to gamers: the silly details that delight and surprise fans.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC allows players to leave their island escape to help the Happy Home Archipelago’s Paradise Planning staff. The new archipelago offers villagers unlimited space for building vacation homes. Each home is designed around a particular theme and comes with a variety of furniture options. The Happy Home Archipelago also has several empty buildings that are gray and locked when the player arrives.

Lottie will request the player’s assistance to transform these buildings into accommodations for tourists on the archipelago. These facilities offer players the opportunity to create around a theme and also provide opportunities to learn new skills, DIY recipes, or find rare items. The Happy Home Archipelago will feel like a vacation destination for its many villager inhabitants.

Lottie will promote the player to “Promising designer” once they have designed enough Animal Crossing vacation houses. Once this happens, their first promotion will be to “Promising designer.” The paycheck for each vacation house will increase from 6,000 Poki up to 9,000 Poki. There will also be plenty of work clothes available in the Paradise Planning Office. Paradise Planning can also use Promising Designers to design five facilities on the archipelago.

How to Unlock the Facilities in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise

Players must complete four vacation homes before they can unlock facilities in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise. Lottie will tell them to stop working once they have completed four vacation homes. Lottie will recommend that they walk the whole archipelago before leaving the office. With a thought bubble above her head, players can find her in the building to the left from the Paradise Planning Office. Lottie will inform the player that she plans to open several facilities on the archipelago when they have enough clients.

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