The DC Universe Has One City Worse Than Gotham

Although it is known for being one of the most criminally-ridden areas in the DC Universe, Gotham ends up looking safer than one city. Gotham is a difficult place to live due to its many villainous cast and dark history. The evilness of one city is evident in everything, from its corrupt government to its deprived citizens.

Nearly all heroes in the DCU have their city under their watchful eyes. The Flashes race from Central to Keystone City, while Green Arrow defends Star City. There is almost always a connection between the hero of the story and their city. Metropolis, a modern city that is ahead of the curve, has Superman as its guardian. Batman’s inner struggle for justice is evident in Gotham with its dark history and constant turmoil. But, one place challenged its protector in unimaginable ways.

Dennis O’Neil, Denys Cowan, and Vic Sage, also called the QuesQuestionplored Vic’s story in detail. Vic was an investigative journalist and vigilante detective during the day. The ques questioned revealed a city so corrupted by crime that it was almost unsalvageable. The corrupt mayor of the city and his associates made it impossible for the city to pay for social programs. This led to civil unrest and major changes in the behavior of its citizens. The crime rates were alarmingly high, and the desperation caused a moral decay among the truly desperate. Question #36 shows how horrible things became in Hub City. A man attempts to sell his child before throwing away the trash.

The battle that The Question fought in Gotham was very different from the battles he fought in Batman. Gotham has honest and good-hearted people who serve as first responders and elected officials. Once they are exposed, they take the necessary steps to get rid of any dishonest people. Batman and his fellow guardians will always save Gotham, even if Gotham is attacked or taken hostage by Bane or the Joker. However, the problems of Hub City go beyond garishly costumed villains. Hub City’s problems start in backroom deals and open corruption and end with social inequality and civil unrest. It is a more difficult but more relatable battle. The Bat-Signal in Gotham shines and gives hope to its citizens, but there’s no such light in Hub City and no hope.

Although there is often a common theme among the cities heroes protect, Vic Sage doesn’t see one. Despite his best efforts to save the city, he failed to succeed and eventually abandoned Hub City at The Answer. Gotham is not the most secure place in the DC Universe, but it’s far more optimistic than Hub City.

DC Comics fans know that many of the Batman-related incidents over the years have been incredibly dark and all-encompassing events that include most, if not all, of the Bat-Family’s villains. These Bat events, such as Fear State, often have bittersweet endings that lead to tragic consequences and destruction for Bruce Wayne and Gotham City residents. However, Harley Quinn #8 was written by Stephanie Phillips and featured art by Riley Rossmo with colors by Ivan Plascencia. DC sends a message to their fans: The events should not be taken seriously.

Harley Quinn #8, the Magistrate, is part of the ongoing Fear State events. He attacks Gotham City with the help of Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow. Harley continues to search for Poison Ivy, the real Ivy. The person Harley discovered before is a creation from the Ivy that remains beneath the city. Although Gotham is still in chaos, Doctor Hugo Strange doesn’t seem to be surprised. He is not worried, as he has witnessed these things before.

Hugo Strange watches the destruction around him and thinks that Scarecrow might be destroying the city, “…but that’s what we’ve seen before. Every Gotham’s best has destroyed the city in one way or another… and this month, it’s Scarecrow. Hugo Strange is aware of Gotham City’s terrible reputation and history. Still, he’s not too concerned since Gotham City’s destruction occurs in every other Batman-related event, most notably in Batman: No Man’s Land.

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