Resident Evil 4 VR Mercenaries Mode Will Be Added Free After Release

Oculus has announced that Resident Evil4 VR will receive a free update in 2022. This update will add the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode to the title. The VR version Resident Evil4 was released on Oculus Quest 2. It allows users to relive the survival horror classic from a new first-person perspective. Although the gameplay is essentially the same as its 2005 counterpart, the VR version has removed any potentially offensive or suggestive dialogue.

The Mercenaries mode, an arcade-style minigame, first appeared in Resident Evil3. It gained popularity with Resident Evil4. The game featured unique levels, several characters from the series, unique weapons, melee attacks, and attributes. The game’s gameplay heavily relies on Time Attack Mode. Players are required to kill as many enemies as possible to score the highest score. Mercenaries mode was reintroduced to Resident Evil nearly a decade later in Resident Evil Village, bringing back its arcade-style features and drastically changing the mechanics to improve gameplay and pace.

Oculus released a press release (via ) revealing that The Mercenaries would be arriving in Resident Evil 4 at an undisclosed time in 2022. This will allow players to experience the tense game mode first-person. The company also revealed that it would be adding additional mobility and comfort settings to Resident Evil4 VR soon. These features include hand-based steering and better left-handed controls. You can also fine-tune where your chest and waist inventory slots are located for a better game experience.

Resident Evil 4 VR is a virtual reality reinterpretation. It recreates many iconic scenes and gameplay mechanics from the survival horror game in the first-person viewpoint, allowing players to relive the decade-old title. The game quickly rose to prominence and was nominated for the Best VR Game award at The Game Awards.

Resident Evil4’s Mercenaries runs at a very rapid pace, especially when compared with the main campaign. Players must race against the clock to kill as many zombies as possible and find extension pickups quickly to increase their chances of getting more points. Similar to Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil4 VR, the Mercenaries mode could see significant changes to improve its difficulty and make it more realistic for virtual reality. Mercenaries VR will still be a popular mode while players wait to announce Resident Evil4’s next-gen remake.

A Resident Evil 4 fan has used far Cry 5’s map editor to rebuild the iconic canyon level. While the stories and content of these two games may be different, Far Cry5’s Arcade mode allows players to create their levels using an in-game suite that includes tools for original ideas as well as reimaginings from other games.

Arcade Mode, also known by the map editor, is a favorite Far Cry feature. This mode allows you to create your maps with various assets, not only from Far Cry but also from other Ubisoft titles and series like Assassin’s Creed. You can create a wide range of maps to share with your friends and the community. The editor can also be customized to fit different types of gameplay. Fans can create custom maps for single players, as well as multiplayer arenas and co-op missions. Minigames are also possible. Players can create anything from GoldenEye007 levels to a sandwich shop in FarCry 5.

In a video, YouTube channel Mojo Swoptops reveals how Resident Evil4’s chilling Canyon level was brought to life in Far Cry5. This amazing build shows how flexible the creative mode can be. The player can create a modern version of the classic game. Mojo Swoptops recreates the level using images from the original Resident Evil 4. The final look is identical to the Capcom environment on newer hardware.

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