IO Interactive released a Winter Roadmap to Hitman 3. It consists of the news that you have the option to dress up as Santa Claus and garrotte people. Everyone can now play the first mission, Dubai.

The ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission is now live. It was last seen in 2016 before temporarily returning to Hitman 2. The holiday-themed mission takes place in Paris and offers festive touches such as the chance to throw snowballs. You can also hunt the Home Alone thieves: Harry and Marv. They are “both American citizens now living in Paris following a series of failed break-ins, and related violent crime that forced them to flee their homeland.” The Santa 47 suit is unlocked when you complete Holiday Hoarders.

IO will also be bringing back all Hitman 3’s Elusive Targets’. Perhaps the developer should re-name them. They’ll all be appearing in a staggered manner over the holiday season. Each one will have six days to be assassinated.

The Hokkaido Winter Festival arrives in Hitman 3 on the 3rd of January. It will bring a thematically appropriate icepick weapon and a snow festival costume before some Feature Contracts for Winter Madness arrive on the 13th.

Hitman 3 was a great success for IO Interactive. This trilogy is now the best assassin-em-up experience ever. IO promises more Hitman 3 in 2022. This is a promise it had previously made.—free-fully-working-crystals-generator—free-fully-working-crystals-generator/c/L1YvWohH4m4—free-fully-working-diamonds-generator—free-fully-working-diamonds-generator/c/SVfBABTy_pY—add-unlimited-diamonds-no-verification—add-unlimited-diamonds-no-verification/c/kTZUkkRx7SI

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