Hawkeye Director Teases Ant-Man Easter Egg In Upcoming Episode

Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas teases a surprise Ant-Man reference in an upcoming episode. After a hiatus of a few months with the Jeremy Renner-led series, Marvel Studios returned to Disney+. The project will see Clint Barton reprise his role. It also explores his personal life. It will also feature a nod towards his real-world fun with Paul Rudd.

The Hawkeye series premiered with a two-episode debut that established the show’s premise. Apart from Clint, the series introduced Kate Bishop, played brilliantly by Hailee Steinfeld. After a series of events, they found themselves working together against Tracksuit Mafia. There are four more episodes left to go, and it is clear that the relationship between the couple, and their transformation from being new friends to becoming partners, will be the core of the show’s foundation. Hawkeye has been part of the MCU for a decade, clear nods to the larger franchise. These include flashbacks and direct mentions of other heroes. This was primarily achieved via Rogers’s music.

Although the Broadway show was meant to focus only on the original Avengers, it featured an appearance from Ant-Man. Thomas did not explain to the Playlist why they chose to alter history to include the shrinking hero. However, he did say that Scott Lang is still being referenced. The show will feature a reference to Renner and Paul Rudd in an upcoming Hawkeye episode. Below is what the director had to say:

“I don’t want to divulge anything, because we kinda get [some characters] to the world.” Here’s one–Ant-man. It’s a joy to see Paul [Rudd] with Jeremy together. Their press tour dynamic was great when they were on the “Avengers” run. “Ant-Man” was a character I found fun to play at Clint’s absurdity… but I did manage to give a nod to it.”

Thomas refers to Renner’s and Rudd’s time together in the promotion of Avengers Endgame. Marvel Studios thought it best to pair the two actors during the promotional period since both Hawkeye (Ant-Man) and the first fight against Thanos(Josh Brolin). The actors were unable to discuss any plot details due to the Infinity Saga-capper project. Instead of being boring, they decided to have fun and make their interviews interesting without divulging any details. It’s unclear how Hawkeye would reference this as it happened outside the MCU unless Rudd shows up as Ant-Man and has some bantering with Clint.

Marvel Studios has been cautious about teasing any surprised characters that might appear in their series since the WandaVision mystery guests blunder. Remember that Paul Bettany excited another actor to appear in the first MCU/Disney+ series. This spawned many theories. Fans realized that Bettany was talking about White Vision, and it was a disappointment. If Rudd does appear Hawkeye, they probably won’t be pushing for it so hard. They could save the surprise for the episode.

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