Sifu Won’t Have Difficulty Options at Launch, Developer Says

Pierre Tarno, Sloclap Executive Producer, stated that beat’ em-up action title Sifu won’t have difficulty modes at launch. Developer Sloclap revealed Sifu at one of Sony’s State of Play presentations earlier this year. The upcoming action game, a PlayStation exclusive, promises a fast-paced experience based on martial arts. In many ways, the game’s name is melee combat.

Players will need to be aware of the speed at which the hero ages. Sifu’s age mechanic makes this possible. It manifests through a special pendant that brings back the character after death but also increases their age. The more the player character dies, the more he ages. Sloclap observed that the pendant stops working after a hero reaches a certain age. This causes a permanent game-over. The title has new information that suggests the challenge will not end there.

Pierre Tarno, the executive producer, stated that players shouldn’t expect Sifu release with more difficult options. However, he didn’t rule them out. According to the publication, Tarno suggested that difficulty sliders could be made available in a postlaunch update. However, it’s not a sure thing. The EP also stated to MP1st that it is possible to complete Sifu’s campaign without getting old or dying. It may take some practice to achieve such feats, as Tarno stated that the game would challenge players and force them to “learn, improve and adapt to meet this challenge.

Some may find it a deal-breaker that the brawler will not offer difficulty options on day 1. Others may see it as a boon to Sifu’s overall combat design. Sloclap’s future direction could be determined by how users react to the lack of difficulty modes over the weeks and days following release. Many may recall that Housemarque, the developer, made some adjustments to roguelike in response to the backlash.

Sloclap had originally planned to release the title on February 22, next year. The studio decided to move Sifu’s release date up several days, perhaps due to the busy release period. PlayStation and PC owners can either jump in or wait a few months to experience the intense adventure.

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