The co-op multiplayer was not included in Ghostbusters The Video Game when Saber Interactive remastered it, 10 years after Terminal Reality’s 2009 version.

Matt McKnight told Venturebeat at Saber that the original multiplayer was another studio’s work based upon an incomplete version. Saber discovered six versions of the multiplayer code and did not know which one had shipped. Saber was still evaluating the situation and decided to remove multiplayer from the launch remaster.

It seems that it is now dead in the water. Saber’s chief creative officers Tim Willits and MP1st, spoke to us. “This was something that the team wanted when working on the remaster a couple of years ago. We had tried it, but the original multiplayer code wouldn’t cooperate.” While we investigated the issue, we decided to create the single-player experience that fans had hoped for.

IllFonic, creators of Friday 13th and Predator Hunting Grounds, is currently developing a Ghostbusters-themed game. Given their previous work, the game will likely be based upon Ghostbusters: Afterlife and may be solely multiplayer.—comment-obtenir-des-pices-gratuites—comment-obtenir-des-pices-gratuites/c/Y0ui6RSAzdY

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