Battlefield 2042 Has Almost Twice As Many Players As Battlefield 5 Did

Battlefield 2042, despite a slow launch, has almost doubled the number of players compared to Battlefield 5. The futuristic first-person shooter takes players to the future in a highly anticipated game. Battlefield 2204’s very buggy launch caused many problems and damaged DICE’s reputation as a developer.

Battlefield2042 was immediately criticized for its lackluster polish and a lot of bugs. The game’s graphics performance was poor. Other players turned into distracting, two-dimensional images when viewed far away. The maps are less detailed and polished than those in the previous series. Many gamers have had issues with performance, such as rubber banding or lag, stuttering, and even full-blown console crashes. Many of the expected features, such as a single-player campaign or Team Deathmatch multiplayer mode, are missing. This has led many players to consider Battlefield 2042 a downgrade compared to previous entries in Battlefield 5.

Despite the game’s rough launch, GameSpot reports that Battlefield 2042 has already built a community of millions. DICE claims that nearly twice the number of players have played the franchise’s latest installment as Battlefield5 did in the same period. GameSpot points out that Battlefield sold around 7 million copies within its first two months. Therefore, Battlefield 2042 could be considered a very successful title. The number could be misleading if it includes players who took part in a free ten-hour trial with EA Play/Game Pass Ultimate streaming.

DICE is committed to improving the game’s experience and addressing any players’ complaints about Battlefield2042’s launch state. Already patches have been deployed to address the most prominent issues in the title, and Battlefield2042’s roadmap contains many fixes to make the game even more enjoyable. Some bugs at launch caused problems such as missing weapon load-outs and the inability to revive teammates. To improve the game, balance changes such as lowering some aircraft’s armor have been made. Battlefield2042’s roadmap outlines further improvements to the server stability, balance, and player progression that should be available shortly.

Given the launch of Battlefield2042, it is not surprising that the game is doing well in terms of player counts. The game is currently being enjoyed by millions of players, with its launch dramatically surpassing its predecessor, Battlefield5. While the previous entry in the series was not a huge hit, Battlefield2042’s disappointing launch caused many to dismiss it. DICE’s latest shooter is currently ranked as one of Steam’s most poorly reviewed games. However, patches and updates can make this futuristic adventure a huge success.

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