Squid Game BTS Video Reveals How Much CGI The Show Used

This behind-the-scenes video Shows how much CGI was used. Hwang Donghyuk created Squid Game, a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most-watched series on Netflix. Dong-hyuk directed the survival thriller. It features 456 participants from all walks who play in a series of children’s games to lead them to the ultimate cash prize.

Starring Lee Jungjae, Park Hae-soo, Gong Yoo, and Lee Byung-hun and Lee Byung-hun, Squid Game is a pop-culture phenomenon. Netflix launched the official Squid Game merchandise line in September. Popular YouTuber Mr. Beast created a Squid Game set. The popularity of Squid Game has not diminished despite it losing the number one spot in Netflix’s charts. A new video shows the depth and visual effects of Squid Game.

Hyungrok, a CG supervisor for Squid Game at Gulliver Studios. This behind-the-scenes video reveals which parts of the series were made with CGI. The Squid Game video features the Red Light, Green Light arena, and the Glass Bridge Game tiles. Kang Sae-book crawls through a tunnel to find the cash prize. You can see the video below.

It may surprise viewers that the amount of CGI used in making the six games, pastel staircases, and deadly islands, where the games are held, look real might be surprising to those who were captivated by the incredible performances of the Cast and Dong-hyuk. SquidGame season 1 featured nine violent and captivating episodes. The CGI effects were seamlessly integrated to draw viewers into the story. It is encouraging to see the huge effort put into this hit series pay off.

Squid Game is still a popular series that explores the effects of desperation on humanity and whether humans are good at their core. Squid Game is not slowing down at the moment. Dong-hyuk revealed Squid Game season2 was being developed earlier this month. This could continue Gi-hun’s story or go in a different direction. It is expected that Season 2 of Squid Game will have a compelling plot and better visual effects once it arrives on Netflix.

Netflix’s Squid Game alternative ending would have been better overall but rendered season 2 useless. It’s possible that the original Squid Games story wasn’t intended to be a continuation. It’s impossible to imagine season 2, regardless of whether that was the case. Netflix has oddly yet to confirm this. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the Squid Game creator, has confirmed that he is developing season 2, although that doesn’t mean that Netflix will officially renew the show.

Despite Netflix’s silence, Squid Game is now the most-watched show on the service. The streaming giant’s decision not to order more would be their strongest. Hwang and his team must have realized that SquidGame had more content than a single season. Also, there was more to the character Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae), the winner of the title competition.

Gi-hun finishes Squid Game in a striking new red hairstyle and is ready to travel overseas to be with his daughter. He is shocked to see that Squid Game recruits. Then he realizes that he cannot continue living his life as the Old Man creates more victims. Hwang revealed recently that Gi-hun chooses to board the plane and begin a new life with his little girl in an alternate ending. This didn’t go down well with many viewers. Although it’s a more satisfying ending to Gi-hun’s story, it would have left no clear entry point for Season 2. This made its creation more difficult.

A Squid Game second season doesn’t necessarily have to be hosted by Gi-hun. It was the game that made it so popular, and the unique concept of children’s games, such as marbles, where you can play with your life or death. After watching a season with Gihun, viewers are naturally attached to him. This is why Netflix uses him as the centerpiece of Season0_ season 2. It also gives Netflix a strong hook to keep its audience coming back. A new game would have new players and would be able to give viewers the feeling that they’ve been there before. It would also need to go through the same or similar dramatic steps as the rest.

With Gi-hun as the main character, Squid Game season two is free to revisit the game and view its operation from a new perspective. Gihon, presumably, tries to bring down Squid Game as well as those responsible. This story is a natural extension of Squid Game season 1 and will allow the show to become more than a South Korean version of Battle Royale. It would have been a great way for Gi-hun to end season 1 and reunite with his daughter. But it would have slammed the doors on the best path for Squid Game season 2. It’s up for debate whether Squid Game needs another season. However, it seems that more is inevitable after the success of this first season.

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