Ridley Scott Reveals Filming Start Date For Napoleon Biopic Kitbag

Ridley Scott announces when his Napoleon biopic Kitbag will start filming. He is a legend filmmaker, best known for Alien and Blade Runner. His most recent film, The Final Duel, tells the story of a knight who accuses his squire of raping his wife, despite having a star-studded cast, including Matt Damon and Adam Driver, Jodie Komer, and Ben Affleck. The last duel failed to make it big at the box office. Scott blamed this on cell-phone-obsessed millennials.

Scott is back on the media circuit to promote House of Gucci. However, some cannot help but look ahead at the projects that the 83-year old director has already lined up for next. A Napoleon Bonaparte biopic is Kitbag. Joaquin Phoenix has been cast in the leading role. This is Scott’s first team-up since Gladiator 2000, in which Phoenix played a complex Emperor. Comer will also be reunited with the director as she is reportedly cast in Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. Kitbag is expected to be available on Apple TV+.

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Scott revealed that his Napoleon Bonaparte epic Kitbag would be filming at Apple Studios on January 15. Although details of the plot are not available, it is known that Kitbag will cover many aspects of Napoleon’s life, including his humble beginnings, his ruthless rise, and his notable military victories through the lens of his volatile relationship with Josephine.


Scott’s remarkable productivity at age 83 is truly a marvel. He just completed The Final Duel, House of Gucci in two months. After such a short rest, he will start production on another major motion movie. This is especially remarkable as it leads to an epic film like Kitbag, which Scott called a “Monster” during his interview. Scott will also be involved in the upcoming Alien as well as the Blade Runner television adaptions.

Although he has directed biographical dramas before, his films may have even been included in that category. Kitbag, however, is looking to be a completely different beast. The film could end up surpassing Scott and Phoenix’s historical epics if it does depict some of the most iconic battles of the Napoleonic Wars. It is fitting, perhaps, that such a legendary director and an accomplished actor tackle the life of Napoleon.

Gladiator, Ridley Scott’s classic film, is loved by many. But why didn’t the epic adventure get a sequel? And what was the original plan for Gladiator 2 instead? Gladiator, which was released in 2000, was an instant hit. Russell Crowe won a Best Actor Oscar in the role of Maximus. He is a Roman general forced into slavery and climbed the ranks to become an elite gladiator to avenge his father’s betrayal. It is a modern masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

However, Gladiator did not receive a sequel like Crowe’s historical epic Master & Commander. Fans want to know the reason, just like Commander. The film was a huge box office hit and won the awards season. It also repeated Braveheart’s big win while still looking great despite being a more bombastic epic than Mel Gibson’s in years past. Fans may be surprised to hear that plans were in place for a Gladiator sequel — and they were clever enough to make Braveheart look subtle.

What was the plan for Gladiator HTML2? Nick Cave, an Australian singer/songwriter, was planning to use the corpse of a slain soldier as a portal for Maximus himself to revive. The resurrected hero would then fight alligators at a gladiatorial arena flooded with gladiators as he protected Christians in distress. Crowe gave up his role in the sequel because of the story’s many rewrites and shelvings.

Gladiator 2 We Explored Various Ideas

The film’s failure to make Gladiator2 could be attributed to the inexplicable addition of Cave to the cast. When Gladiator was a success, producers Doug Wick, Scott and Crowe were all involved creating the film. Although Gladiator II didn’t come to fruition, it’s clear why this idea was appealing. Ridley Scott’s filmography will rank Gladiator alongside Blade Runner and Alien. The sequel was subject to many revisions, as with most follow-up films. Scott and Wick collaborated on a sequel in 2001. It would be 15 years later. Crowe and Scott met with Nick Cave in 2006 to discuss their unique sequel idea. Crowe was able to move on by 2019, and the sequel would be centered on Lucius.

Nick Cave’s Insane Gladiator2 Idea Explained

Nick Cave’s bizarre draft of Gladiator 2 is the most talked about. Cave’s draft makes Dan Aykroyd’s notorious Ghostbusters3 treatment seem nuanced, as far as blockbuster sequels are concerned. Maximus would have been followed through his afterlife and reincarnation. But this was just the beginning. Maximus would then help Christians to form an army against Lucius, who is now a Christian-killing madman.

Creators knew that Crowe’s Maximus murdering Lucius might have been depressing. Cave decided to make it more cheerful by bringing back Maximus and Marius, Maximus’s son. Although it sounds crazy, it isn’t the most bizarre part of the idea. Cave called the script “Christ Killer,” which included Maximus’ survival through World War II and the Crusades. Maximus would fight in Vietnam in a more bizarre historical revision than Watchmen before ending up at the Pentagon. The script explained Maximus’ miraculous return to life, but it didn’t explain why.

How Gladiator2 Would Have Brought Back Russell Crowe’s Maximus

Cave’s script for the sequel to the film is not conventional. To be fair to Cave’s unique vision of the series, his draft does resolve at least one problem that made the possibility of Gladiator2 impossible for many years: Maximus’ death at the end. If the sequel entered the realms of myth and fantasy, it would be impossible to bring back the film’s hero. But Cave accomplished this feat. Many fans wanted to know how Gladiator2 could bring back Russell Crowe’s Maximus. The possibility of another actor playing the role would have no impact. Scott’s recollection from Cave’s script, however, revealed that the answer was simple.

Maximus would remain in the afterlife while some Roman gods planned his return and searched for the perfect portal. The gods would use the body of a martyr to transport Maximus to the land where he was living. Crowe asked Doug Wick a question about how the miraculous resurrection would happen. He chose to anoint Maximus’ body in oils and leave him alone in a cave for several days. Crowe pointed out that this bit of Biblical plagiarising may have been a little too irreverent.

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