Who Is At The End Of Hawkeye Episode 2 – Marvel’s Kingpin Link Explained

Who Is At The End Of Hawkeye Episode 2 – Marvel’s Kingpin Link Explained

The end of Hawkeye episode 2 introduced Maya Lopez, aka Echo, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has connections to Kingpin. The fourth live-action MCU Disney+ series places Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) at the center of a street-level adventure. It doesn’t take Hawkeye long to make enemies for archers, but Echo is their greatest threat at the moment.

The Tracksuit Mafia was on the hunt to Kate Bishop in the first two episodes of Hawkeye. She wears clint’s old Ronin costume as she fights them and thinks they won. The Tracksuit Mafia followed Kate and set her apartment ablaze. Clint wants his Ronin suit back, and he’d like to return home in time to celebrate Christmas. However, he does everything a little bit to make sure Kate is safe. The Tracksuit Mafia takes Clint hostage while he waits for the Tracksuit Mafia to return his suit. Clint and Kate will be facing many other villains in Hawkeye. However, they are not the only ones.

Marvel Studios is poised to use Hawkeye To put Clint and Kate through their paces by having them battle multiple villains. Jack Duquesne (aka Swordsman) (Tony Dalton) and Kate’s mom Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) are just a few of the possible foes. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) is also in Hawkeye. Daredevil’s   Vincent D’Onofrio suggests these rumors and more will return as Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. The MCU’s archers are introduced to a new villain at the end of episode 2.

Episode 2: Who is at the End of Hawkeye?

Hawkeye episode 2, which ends on April 19, features Alaqua Cox’s MCU debut as Maya Lopez, Echo. Clint is trying to find out who is responsible for the Tracksuit Mafia’s goons. He initially wonders if The Clown, Fra Fee, is in charge. However, one of their higher-ranking mafia members eventually takes the lead. Hawkeye Episode 2 ends with a dramatic cliffhanger that introduces Echo. As she is isolated in a room with red lights and speakers, Maya receives a dreadful introduction. Maya puts her hand on the speakers to “hear” the sound and feel the vibrations before she heads out to meet Clint.

Echo’s appearance in Hawkeye Episode 2 is brief and leaves little about her identity in the MCU. You can take away that she has a lot of power in New York’s criminal underground. Clint and Kate are already at risk from Maya Lopez, who is now in charge of Tracksuit Mafia. Echo is believed to have given the order for the Tracksuit Mafia to steal Avengers Compound items. Although her overall mission remains a mystery, Hawkeye episode 2, which concludes with Kate and Clint, clarifies that Echo has been eager to meet them.

Echo’s Marvel Comics History & Origin

Maya Lopez was introduced to Marvel Comics by Joe Quesada and David Mack in Daredevil #1 in 1999. Native American, she was born deaf and had other gifts. Maya was able to replicate any movement she saw from a young age. In this regard, her abilities are very similar to Taskmaster. Echo instantly masters the movement. Although Maya initially used her skills to create art, her father, Kingpin, died, and Maya took a darker path. Wilson Fisk decided to “adopt Maya” and use her unique talents to make her a deadly assassin. Kingpin tested her abilities when he revealed that Daredevil had killed her father. Echo tracked down Matt Murdock in revenge and discovered that Kingpin had killed her father.

Maya Lopez was able to break free from Kingpin’s grip and adopted a new codename, Ronin. In the comics, she wore the black-and-gold ninja suit for the first time. However, the MCU has changed the name to Clint Ronin. Maya Lopez was a Ronin during her time. She helped the New Avengers defeat the Hand and Madame Hydra. Elektra eventually killed Echo and revived her before Secret Invasion. Her participation in important crossover events such as World War Hulk and Secret Invasion has highlighted her career. Echo even served as a host for Phoenix Force in recent times, giving her new powers that go well beyond her normal high-level physical abilities.

What Role Will Echo Play in Hawkeye – Is she a Friend or Villain?

Echo makes a brief appearance in Hawkeye episode 2. This suggests that she is a villain. But her comic history shows otherwise. So which one will she be? She might be both. Echo is a Hawkeye villain from the start, as her quick tease about her role suggests. These episodes include a mention that Clint had previously met the Tracksuit Mafia while he was Ronin. This could indicate that Echo has a vendetta against him. The MCU could alter Echo’s comic origin by putting Hawkeye/Ronin in jail for her father’s murder, Hawkeye’s time with Ronin. This would create tension between Clint and Echo, and it would be a way for Hawkeye to force him to face what he did as Ronin.

Even though Echo is a villain in Hawkeye‘s beginning, she seems unlikely to end the series there. Marvel Studios plans to continue using Echo after the show ends, and all indications point to this being part of her path to becoming a hero. Hawkeye could be the beginning of this transformation, should she discover that she has been lied about as part of a larger plan. This could happen if the MOCU keeps her connection with Kingpin. His relationship with her could be another reason the Tracksuit Mafia members fear her. Echo might realize that she is fighting for the wrong cause during Hawkeye and decide to work with Clint or Kate instead.

Hawkeye Launches Echo’s Own MCU-TV Show

The series will be a spinoff of Hawkeye now that Echo has been introduced. Marvel Studios announced in late 2021 that Alaqua cox would star in Echo. The studio confirmed this in response to rumors earlier in the year. Unsurprisingly, most details regarding the series remain a mystery. Marvel has not yet provided a timeline for when Echo is made relative to other upcoming MCU movies, shows. This is a shame as viewers will need to learn more about Alaqua’s MCU character in the four Hawkeye episodes.

It is expected that her role as Hawkeye would have a significant impact on the story and direction of Echo. Kingpin could make an appearance in the late season, confirming his connection with Echo. This would support rumors about Fisk’s return to the spinoff. As a hint that she might take on the criminals she helped in the past, there could be a tease about her picking up the Ronin mantle. These teases are a great way to set up Echo for her spinoff. Hawkeye might set up her show in another way, hinting at a backstory Marvel can explore later. Echo’s time with the MCU is just beginning.

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