No Man’s Sky 2021’s major theme has been Expeditions. Highlights include a Mass Effect crossover in which the Normandy made an appearance. However, these events are only for a short time, and Hello Games has released a press release acknowledging that some people have found it difficult to take part in them.

They’re all returning over the festive period, and yes, that includes Mass Effect. “We even managed to bring the Normandy back as a reward for people who missed it, which I know many have requested.”

The expeditions will return to Earth on November 24 and continue in the same order as when they were released. Here is the schedule:

Expedition 1 (Pioneers): November 24 – December 7

Expedition 2 (Beachhead/Normandy): December 8 – December 21

Expedition 3 (Cartographers), December 22 – January 4

Expedition 4 (Emergence), January 5 – 9th Januar

The release states that this marks the end of 2021, a busy year for our small team. “We also celebrated No Man’s Sky’s fifth anniversary with four major updates. This brings us to 17 major releases, plus countless small updates, community requests and hotfixes. It’s a lot of work for such a close-knit team. We are proud to have shared this journey with you and are humbled to take No Man’s Sky to more exciting places.

Although I haven’t tried all of them, I did go back to No Man’s Sky for Emergence. It satisfied my desire to see giant sandworms.

No Man’s Sky has had a great year. After one of the most difficult launches ever recorded, Hello Games has made something that players love. It can even be proud of having reached ‘positive Steam review status this past year. There will be more next year: “Already work is underway on some exciting plans 2022, and there aren’t any signs of us slowing down.”–simcash-2022

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