Madden 22 Week 11 roster update today: Who’s Up, Who’s Down?

What’s the status of Week 11? There are many movers and shakers, which you can dig into. However, we have identified the most important gainers and losers in our latest roster update.

What are the Madden 22 roster updates?

Roster updates are not the same as the weekly game updates. They are weekly player stat updates that are based on real-world performance in the previous week’s games. These updates also include injury information for all teams, making them a valuable source of information for players.

These updates are only for stats and will not include any bug fixes, player images, or likeness. These updates will be available at a later time.

Week 11: Biggest Movers Overall

When will the Madden 22 roster be updated?

Each week, Madden updates arrive on Thursdays before week’s games begin to allow Madden HQ stats gurus time to make any necessary changes from the week prior.

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