Although Halo Infinite was released last week, it is still a new game. Halo modding has been around for decades, and modders were quick to crack 343’s latest creation.

The game’s first week was a bit sparse in modding. Nexus Mods only allows mods who have realized that you can swap out the loading screens for any.mp4 file. Over the past few days, however, Infinite has seen some more ambitious creations.

Do you feel Infinite’s Warthog might be a bit underpowered? Let me introduce you to GameCheat13’s Tank Hog.

The true test of any Halo modder is to learn how to fly the latest Pelican dropship. RejectedShotgun, a veteran Halo modder, did exactly that this week. While it still needs some work, it flew beautifully over Infinite’s large team battle arenas.

It will take time. I hope he can figure out a way for you to use the Pelican to drop something better than a Gungoose to your team. GameCheat13, the Tank Hog creator, has also been able to get the Banished Phantom dropship in-game. This is laying the foundation for some ridiculous aerial battles.

Although it is still early days for Infinite, it will be interesting to see how 343 responds. The studio has released full mod tools for Halos 1 and 3. This is in response to the studio’s active encouragement of modding in the Master Chief Collection. Halo Infinite, however, is a free-to-play live game. Other than CS: GO and the legal grey area of Apex Legends’ underground Mod scene, F2P games aren’t usually open to modders.

The MCC launches with an option to run the game with anti-cheat turned off and matchmaking disabled. This allows you to access the game’s files freely. We hope Infinite will soon have a similar feature.

Modding or not, an early glimpse at Halo Infinite’s Forge mode shows that fan-made creations could radically change the look of Halo Infinite when it arrives next spring. It will still be a closed system, but I am excited to see modders continue to open Infinite’s doors and do things that the in-game editor doesn’t allow.

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