Some recent releases of the largest video game series have not been very good. It is strange that Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition and Battlefield 2042 all score lower than My Friend Peppa Pig.

Two of the above games are completely new and carry considerable risk. However, one would think that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition would be a better choice. These remakes, unfortunately for Rockstar Interactive and Take-Two Interactive are less satisfying than their original incarnations.

GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition was not received well by players. Their opinions are not improving with each passing day. The three remastered games have been criticized for being riddled with bugs, glitches, and missing features. Take-Two sent cease and desist letters to many modders, who created mods for original games, or were working on them. They also pulled original games from digital retailers. GTA modders have reacted to Take-Two’s move to send cease and desist letters to many of the original game’s modders. One player even created his own remaster Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas.

Reddit user GHOSTinHELL signs their work and attempts to recreate GTA San Andreas with better visuals. It is unknown if they intend to update any gameplay elements. This is more ambitious than an environment mod like adding fog to GTA San Andreas. GHOSTinHELL claims they are trying to rebuild the entire game. This is a huge task that Take-Two might not allow them to continue within the near future.

It looks like something that people who were disappointed by the official remasters will enjoy, and one that was made by the community. Many would love to see a game that still shows affection for the series, considering the GTA Vice City remake even damaged the Rockstar Games logo.

It is possible to hope that the remastered trilogy will be fixed up, but it will take as much time as this mod. Rockstar has since apologized and will be bringing back the original games. The developer has listened to player complaints. It remains to be seen if Rockstar can make a positive move with them.

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