Alle Jong’s Sketchy Fables is an experimental game that combines over 8,000 pieces of hand-drawn art. It is boldly designed and intended to challenge visual conventions as well as the structure of games. Jong describes Sketchy Fables as “a comic book that has broken down over a landscape”. It draws from visual novels and comic books to create a world you can explore and discover the story.

Although the game world is influenced by surrealism, it also reaches for thick-lined impressionism. Trees and everyday objects are infused with movement. Visual boundaries are drawn with sharp lines and the type of clipping that would be considered a flaw for more mainstream games but are used here as a tool.

According to the Steam store page, “There is a Main storyline but nothing is as it seems.” Jong’s YouTube channel shows in-progress versions dating back more than a year. Sketchy Fables has yet to be released.

This week’s gameplay trailer shows the world from both inside and outside a train. The description reads: “In this gameplay clip, the player hops on a train and travels between Cybercity and Bird city.”–jour-de-clash-royale-hack-free-gems–jour-de-clash-royale-hack-free-gems/c/IdN6cYEAgaE

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