Genshin Impact: Sayu’s Tail Rests Differently In Higher Chairs

Genshin Impact’s Inazuman ninja, a petite Inazuman, has been getting some attention when she sits high up. The claymore-wielding 4-star Anemo user is proud of her Mujina outfit. This leads to people confusing her with a Tanuki, much to her dismay. However, observant fans discovered that Sayu’s fake tanuki tail rests differently when seated on different heights.

The Mujina Ninja was introduced to players by the Tapestry of Golden Flames Banner. Sayu’s outfit, which is lightweight and flexible, is perfect for her role as a ninja. The large hood gives Sayu a sense of security. It also has a leaf, which is similar to other tanukis in mythology or popular culture. Sayu’s fake tail helps her balance between branches. Sayu can be confused for a Tanuki and will pout in frustration. It isn’t easy to understand the mechanics of Sayu’s costume. How does it work?

Reddit Nasharuna Two screenshots were shared by the author, who pointed out that Sayu’s tail rests in different ways depending on how high her chair is. Sayu’s tail curls up beside her while she sits on a bench. Sayu’s bottom is free to dangle when she sits on a tall stool. This subtle distinction shows miHoYo’s keen eye for detail. Like Redditor Nasharuna said, “The more you learn, the better.”

The screenshots by Nasharuna have provoked some debate about the mechanics of Sayu’s faux tail and how she carries hers. Fans speculate that Genshin’s sleeping ninja uses Anemo to carry her large claymore. Some joke about using duct tape to manage her tail. Reddit Genshinplayers have been impressed by miHoYo’s attention to detail in the tail mechanics.

Simple animations and poses such as Sayu’s tail placement bring miHoYo’s Teyvat world and its characters to life. This attention to detail is what allows fans to connect with the characters and to set so profoundly. Fans will soon be able to see more of Teyvat’s offerings with the addition of Arataki Itto (playable character) and Gorou (Version 2.0 of Genshin Impair). Maybe players will allow Mujina Ninja, a lazy but charming dog with a quirky tail, to stay on their teams.

The Genshin ImpactVersion2.3 will open up possibilities for events that could occur in Inazuma’s future storyline and Genshin Impact generally. New story quests are usually added when Genshin Impact is updated. Additionally, Tsurumi island in 2.2 will allow for various investigations and events that will help predict the importance of Inazuma’s nation in the TrTraveler’sourney.

In past Story Quests and Archons, Genshin Impact’s travelers had many encounters with Teyvat’s various factions. The TrTravelerelped in the fight against the Vision Hunt Decree. He also confronted Raiden Ei, her pursuit of eternity. And he assisted the Sangonomiya in investigating the truth about the claims that the Fatui or Tenryou Commission are conspiring. It can be challenging to know where Inazuma’s story is going next because of the sheer number of events.

The storyline often leads to additional areas and Domains openings after each major quest in Genshin Impact. After the Archon quest and some story quests, significant regions of Inazuma have been added. The recent events and newly added islands in Inazuma may hint at the storyline that is to follow.

Genshin Impact: Tsurumi’s Additional World Quests


Genshin Impact 2.2 introduced players to the Tsurumi Island – the last central island in Inazuma. The history of Teyvat’s ancient civilization is a rich part of the mysterious misty island. There could be more world quests that focus on the origins of this island after version 2.3, which focuses on Inazuma and a return to Dragonspine. Some many events and quests highlight the story of Tsurumi, such as those in the “Through the Mists World Quest Series.” However, some aspects of the island’s past are unknown, including its relationship with Khaenri’ah or Celestia.

Like any other island in Inazuma, there are hidden puzzles that can be solved on Tsurumi Island. These puzzles could also be used in future quest series. These puzzles can provide additional information and rewards as well as reward points. However, the discoveries about Genshin Impair’s Tsurumi Islands are only one of many narratives that you should expect in future updates. There is still much confusion about smaller islands in Inazuma.

Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya Quests


Enkanomiya (formerly Byakuya no Kuni) is a secret place on Watsumi Island. It can be reached through a deep well near the Sangonomiya Shrine, Genshin Impression. Enkanomiya is the origin of Watsumi Island’s citizens. The legends of Enkanomiya are first mentioned in “The Moon-Bathed Deep,” a World Quest series that was published in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update.

The place is primarily darkened by the Byakuya no Kuni’s depth. Byakuya no Kuni residents rely on the dim light of Oohirume no Omikoshi, who is the god that protected Enkanomiya’s people from the Dragonheirs of the Depths. Enkanomiya is not accessible because of the barrier that separates it and Watsumi Island in Genshin. However, there are only two ways to get to this hidden location. The Gosho Rocks separate the five obstacles that divide Sangonomiya from Enkanomiya. To disarm the barrier and allow Enkanomiya to enter, all five seals must be destroyed.

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Traveler receives the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep after completing the “Heart of Watsumi” quest. The Key of the Moon–Bathed deep is crucial in unlocking the door to Enkanomiya. After the Sangonomiya Kokomi approves the spirit flow, the Divine priestess Genshin Impakt will allow Travelers and NPC Tsuyuko to travel to Enkanomiya. The possibility of Enkanomiya being explored is very high. This quest could indicate that future stories will focus on Enkanomiya. Or it could be that a new Domain will be opened to allow for the acquisition of new Artifacts.

Genshin Impact: Preparation For Sumeru


Yae Miko, in her “Omnipresence Over Mortal Archon” quest, promised Yae Miko to the TrTravelerhat she would use all her resources to help Ayato and the Shuumatsuban investigate the TrTraveler’sissing twin brother. This scene could be an introduction to Ayato or the Shuumatsuban. Yae Miko promised to help the TrTravelernd suggested Sumeru as her next destination because it was the most convenient. She elaborates on her suggestion by giving details about Sumeru’s culture, archon, and other pertinent information.

Sumeru, one of the seven nations of Teyvat, was mentioned in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview as the following explorable country after Inazuma before Genshin Impakt’s launch. Sumeru, a nation governed by the God of Wisdom, is filled with forests and deserts. The TrTraveleret a few Sumeru scholars in previous quests. These included the Librarian of Knights of Favonius, Genshin Impact, Lisa Minci, and Sayid, an NPC. Stories that focus on preparing for a trip in the sandy region of Sumeru may be coming soon, now that Sumeru is added to the TrTraveler’stinerary.

As there are more updates, the storyline in Inazuma continues to evolve. It will take several months for Genshin Imperative to be updated so that the TrTraveleran leave Inazuma. Yae Miko mentioned that there might be another chapter in Inazuma’s storyline, based on further investigations into the location of the TrTraveler’song-lost brother.

The story of the next chapter in Genshin Impact remains a mystery as no drafts or sources have been released. The Genshin Impact manga, lore archives, and other sources may give some clues about the story’s future, but the timelines from these sources are not consistent with the TrTraveler’surrent timeline. Genshin’s Imperative fan theories about the fate of Sumeru’s lost sibling remain largely unconfirmed.

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