Disney Execs Reportedly In Heated Debate Over Streaming More Adult Content

Disney+, the streaming service of the Walt Disney Company, is causing heated debates among executives about whether it should contain more adult content. Disney+ hosts content from a variety of properties, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios. The streaming service recently celebrated its second anniversary as the “catastrophic” Disney+ Day. It has many projects in the works for various properties.

After years of acquisitions and the termination of its previous agreement with Netflix, Disney+ was officially launched on November 12, 2019. The impressive content portfolio and success of its original programs have allowed the service to flourish, now boasting over 118.1 million subscribers. The company is currently questioning its direction to reach its viewers on other streaming platforms as Disney+ grows.

A recent report claims that the executives of the Walt Disney Company are debating whether streaming services should have more adult content. Bob Iger, the former CEO and current executive of Walt Disney Company, believes that they should keep their existing content. Bob Chapek (current CEO of Walt Disney Company) claims that the service needs to expand after disappointing subscription growth in the fourth quarter. Chapek claims Disney+ will soon feature ads.

The service has attracted fans for franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars Universe. However, they have not provided all the content that they own. Many adult-oriented franchises, including anything rated TV MA/R, do not have a home on Disney+. Disney+ cannot grow its subscriptions beyond Amazon Prime and Netflix, which offer content for all audiences.

Star was added to Disney+ in specific international markets in February 2015. This included movies and television geared for mature audiences from various properties of the Walt Disney Company like ABC and 20th Century Fox. The intention was to allow adult content to be kept separate from family content. Parental controls were also included. This feature is not expected to be available in the United States anytime soon.

The idea of Disney+ is constantly evolving as the company grows. There are always changes, like the addition of the Disney+ Marvel banner. However, other modifications may be required for the service. The company cannot compete with other streaming services if they keep the content under control. The Walt Disney Company must honor its family values, but it is equally important to recognize that its audience grows and matures. Disney+ can either grow with them or leave them behind, which could hurt their viewership over time.

The Disney+ Day presentation by Marvel Studios was disappointing and lackluster. Does this mean that viewers have to be concerned about the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forwards? Disney hosted a virtual event to celebrate its streaming service’s second anniversary. It looked at the past year and teased what was ahead. The Disney+ Day revealed featured the MCU prominently. This streaming service highlighted its future small screen ventures.

Marvel Studios launched Phase 4 with WandaVision. This was the first Disney+ show, and theaters were closed. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and the animated series, What If …?. followed. Marvel Studios is not planning to slow down due to the success of these shows. They have several new series in their pipeline. While some of the series are intended to spotlight long-standing MCU characters like Hawkeye or Armor Wars, others will be origin stories for new heroes like Ms. She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Marvel. These narratives will all impact the ongoing saga of the franchise, making them essential viewing for fans.

To exaggerate the potential of what lies ahead of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ program, A special presentation was presented during Disney+ Day 2021. This one, however, felt bland and underwhelming, as opposed to previous MCU events. Is this a sign that the MCU is in jeopardy? Not necessarily. It wasn’t that their upcoming shows weren’t exciting. These promotional clips are for Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, And She-Hulk They were all fascinating. Even the slightest glimpse of an older man was intriguing. Without an eye patch, Secret Invasion, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was enough to get the public talking.

What was the problem? The issue boils down to the execution of Disney’s plan. The presentation lasted 13 minutes. Eight minutes of it was a recap of previous Marvel Disney+ shows. The production abruptly cuts to a shot with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) for Hawkeye. This would have been great, but it felt a little strange. This changeover was done using the narration of Jeff Wright (the Watcher) about the multiverse. However, Kate isn’t tied to this concept at all — at least not at this time. Even the Hawkeye segment felt awkward. The show’s opening sequence consisted of a series of clips, followed by a complete action sequence. Although it was entertaining, the transition was not perfect.

Marvel Studios is known for staging great presentations, so it was a high standard for Disney+ Day promos. Marvel Cinematic Universe H panels are great fun. Marvel revealed its plans for Phase 4 in 2015 at a separate event. Fans were thrilled. While Disney+ Day was held online, the studio showed that virtual gatherings could be made exciting by launching Investor Day 2020. The missing element in Disney+ Day’s offering is the same showmanship that Disney or the MCU are known for. The whole experience felt a bit stale without Kevin Feige providing commentary and introductions for each project. The MCU is expected to return to its standard approach for future events.

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