Animal Crossing Player Discovers New Item Protects Against Wasps

One Animal Crossing user discovered a clever way to avoid the aggressive wasps in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The wasps of Animal Crossing are one of the few threats to the peaceful island. These pests are not usually a problem unless they are disturbed by an unsuspecting Villager, who happens to be, for example, cutting down a tree laden with wasps.

A swarm will chase down the intruder if they are agitated. Although it is possible to run from the wasps or catch them, there are other ways to get rid of these annoying insects. One user discovered that a short firework of a party popper is a great way to scare away wasps a few months back. Some may find the party-popper approach too extreme as it is a one-time item. There’s another way to avoid Animal Crossing. It’s called New Horizons.

Reddit user LadyWhoNeverKnewIt Here’s a short clip showing how they got rid of wasps while out exploring. New Horizons. The 20-second video begins with the player shaking a tree filled with wasps. He then dashes to a Pergola nearby and stands under it. The bugs don’t attack but instead swoop around several times before the player quickly equips a net to catch them all in one swift motion. Boom, wasp-free zone achieved. This is an exciting way to escape. See the post linked below.

The Pergola method of eliminating wasps in Animal Crossings: New Horizons is not for everyone. It could be a good backup option in certain situations.

ACNH was released to the public in March 2020. It received its last content drops a little more than a week ago. Version 2.0 introduced Brewster and The Roost café to New Horizons. The update was also released alongside Happy Home Paradise, allowing Villagers and their clients to build their dream vacation home. Now that these two updates are out, it is time to think about when Animal Crossing will announce the next entry.

New Horizons Animal Crossing has brought 16 new villagers into the game. Nookazon, a trading website, has been the most popular release. Shino, the deer, and Sasha, the bunny, are now the must-have island residents. They have beaten out Animal Crossing favorites Raymond and Marshall the squirrel when deciding on trade prices.

Villager hunting is one of the most beloved Animal Crossing New Horizons activities. This allows players to use their Nook Miles Tickets and travel to mysterious islands to find their favorite characters. These villagers can become full-time residents on the islands of players once they are discovered. As you might expect, some villagers are more popular than others. New Horizons introduced new characters, previously only available as amiable card cards. These characters have been naturally more popular than the franchise’s regular faces due to their rarity. The game was launched in 2020. Since then, there has been a consistent list of fan-favorite villagers within the AC community. These villagers often top fan tier lists and are highly sought after when trading.

Animal Crossing trading website Nookazon shared its current list with Kotaku, with Shino & Sasha at the top. Azalea, Quinn, and Space-squirrel Ione are in third place. An ungifted Shino, a villager who has not been gifted any items, currently trades at 40 million Bells, 400 NMT, and 8 million Bells. On the other hand, A Sasha can be purchased for 8 million Bells, 450 NMT, and an average selling price of 8 million. Raymond, the former Nookazon villager, is currently the most costly to acquire. His average trading price is 5 million Bells and 200 MMT. Shino is the most expensive villager in Nookazon. Ione comes in second at 10 million bells and 400 NMT, Quinn at 8 250,000 Bells, and 60 NMT. eBay also shows Shino’s physical Amiibo Card. Original Shino cards have been selling for as high as $30 each on the auction site. The following is Nookazon’s top 10 most-traded new villages:

  • Shino
  • Sasha
  • Ione
  • Cephalobot
  • Marlo
  • Petri
  • Tiansheng
  • Faith
  • Azalea
  • Quinn

Animal Crossing trading website Nookazon is a great way to find your favorite villagers and other items. However, it’s worth waiting to see if their prices drop before you invest your hard-earned Bells. With the recent release of five AC season 5 amiibo cards, rarer characters such as Raymond and Shino should be more readily available. If you don’t have millions in your bank and are having trouble finding the new amiibo card, you can still hunt for them using villager hunting and some luck.

Animal Crossing players now have 16 new villager options, but only eight of them are unique. Eight of the new villagers were previously seen in other games within the AC franchise. These include Chadwick (penguin), Zoe, Ace (bird), Rio(ostrich), Frett [dog], Frett [dog], Azalea (“rhino”), Roswell (alligator) and Faith (koala). The latest game update welcomed many returning NPCs, including favorite Animal Crossing characters such as Tortimer and Kapp’n.

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