There are 45 achievements and trophies that can be unlocked in . This list can be divided into three types: Campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. There are no spoilers here, as Campaign achievements focus on completing specific missions challenges and not the actual missions.



  • The Birth of Special Forces– All trophies and achievements in this game
  • Phoenix Extinguished – Beat the Campaign on Any difficulty
  • The Tip of the Spear – Beat the Campaign for Veteran difficulty
  • Did I Get ‘Em All? – Campaign: Get 15 kills by blind fire
  • Munition Magpie – In Campaign, you can scavenge ammunition from 15 enemy corpses in 3 seconds after they are killed
  • You must try them all! – Use 15 weapons to kill your enemies in Campaign
  • Oh, Yea! – Campaign: Tactical sprint through 5 destructible walls
  • – In Campaign, die by your own grenade’s explosion
  • Not Your Fairy Godmother – In Campaign, toss 15 grenades at your allies that would have killed them or caused damage
  • Without You – View the credits until completion
  • Shot Caller– Act as Arthur and give 15 commands to your allies
  • Pop goes The Nightingale – Play as Polina and kill 15 enemies right away after you emerge from a crawlspace
  • Increased Senses – Wade can kill 15 enemies by using his focus ability
  • A Pocket Full of Fun– Lucas uses 4 types lethal equipment to get 3 kills
  • Ticket Please – Kill 15 enemies in Phoenix while perched on a train car roof
  • Beware of Trains – Shoot a truck driver in Phoenix with a car full of soldiers
  • Actions speak louder than words– Operation Tonga protects Evens with quick reflexes
  • Only you can prevent friendly casualties During Operation Tonga, smoke from the anti tank ditch to cover the charge
  • Legends in Making – Protect the partisans in Stalingrad without missing a shot
  • Rain of Fire – In Stalingrad, hit the halftrack with a Molotov Cocktail
  • Slow but Deadly During a dogfight, 5 of your most threatened allies will be aided by
  • Dive During the Battle of Midway, you can avoid being hit by bullets during your first Dive-Bomb
  • Untouchable – Avoid getting shot by the sniper on Numa Numa Trail
  • Survivalist – On the Numa Numa Trail you can find Mateo without needing to fire a single bullet
  • Birds Of Prey – Kill 5 snipers in Lady Nightingale’s open field, without being hit by them
  • Behind you – Use only takedowns to take out Steiner’s troops at Lady Nightingale’s department store
  • It’s Not a Knife – The Rats of Tobruk will bring down the Stuka using a pistol, rocket, or grenade.
  • Pied Piper – Lead the Rats through Tobruk’s desert without being detected
  • Leave An Impression Get run over by a tank during the Battle of El Alamein
  • She’ll be Right Mate During the last defend, Des will get twice the kills than
  • Allies Together Strong – In The Fourth Reich use Leadership to take down a Jager Moorder
  • Order in Chaos– Complete the level without any friendly fire


  • Learn– Level 55 in Multiplayer
  • Top Of The Mountain – Get to the top with Multiplayer operators (only base game operators)
  • Bling Pro 2.0 – Get to the top with a weapon (basegame weapons only).
  • Hello – Join a Clan in Multiplayer


  • Deal with the Devil– Equip Three Covenants
  • Baker’s Dozen – Sacrifice 13 Hearts
  • Thirst Quencher – Take a drink from all five Demonic Fountains in one session
  • As Cold As Ice – Remove 10 zombies using melee after they have been slowed by the Frost Blast Artifact
  • Shocking Behavior – Get rid of 10 zombies who were injured by the Energy Mine Artifact
  • Escape Artist – Use the Aether Shard Artifact to enter the Aether Shiroud five times for less than 25% of your health
  • Hot Tempered – Get rid of 10 zombies and increase your damage with the Ring of Fire Artifact
  • Death Dealer – Get rid of 2500 zombies using a weapon at PaP level 3.
  • Grim Reaper – Eliminate 10,000 zombies


Here you go! This Call of Duty achievement list will help you make the most of the nineteenth installment in the long-running FPS series. The rest of the game is fairly straightforward, except for multiplayer and zombies. These will require some grinding.



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