In an interview with CNET Metroid producer Yoshio Takamoto was asked about the possibility of a Metroid movie. This question was posed in light of the announcements regarding Super Mario movies. In a Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed a number of cast members. Names like Chris Pratt, who plays Mario, and Jack Black (his pesky rival Bowser) were among them.

Naturally, this led to Samus Aran, bounty hunter, making a movie. Yoshio Sakamoto was then asked if he would be interested in seeing a Metroid movie. His answer was simple and concise:

Other Metroid-related queries were also asked to the producer. One of the producers was unsure if Metroid Dread should close.

“I believe that Samus’ adventure will continue as long as Samus is alive.” Samus should keep her adventures going, and I believe that she would be a great character to have.

He said that Metroid Dread shouldn’t be the end of his story, even though it does complete the 2D story arch.

“Metroid Dread concludes the five-story arc which has been ongoing for 35 years. But, it is not the end. It should be possible to continue the franchise and the universe. As long as Samus is loved and respected, yes.

Metroid Dread – Trailer 2 – Nintendo Switch

Yoshio Sakamoto was also asked a fascinating question about the series’ history. When asked if he has seen the meaning of Metroid games change over time, he replied that he does not think so. He focused his answer on the evolution of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy.

“Did Metroid and Samus have a solid character or franchise image? And did they present it in the right way in the original game?” That’s a question I don’t know how to answer. But I do feel that Samus’ character has been evolving over the years. With all her adventures, it really helped me understand what Samus is like and what her inner self was thinking. Metroid Dread ends the story with the Metroid and Samus being interconnected. That is a major theme. Over the years, my understanding and vision of the Metroid franchise has improved.

Metroid Dread has arrived and the teaser reports are up. The game is being played by a lot of players who are having a blast and having fun. Some will undoubtedly welcome the idea of a movie, while others won’t. A movie is unlikely to happen in the near future. What do you think?

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