Might and Delight, a Swedish studio, are most well-known for their work on the shelter trilogy. Their latest venture is an ambitious, whimsical take on the MMO genre. It is an exciting “living project” that will evolve and grow with the player community. Many players are eager to explore The Braided Shore, based on their expertise in bringing together emotional narratives with the beauty of nature.

New Multiplayer Online RPG on Steam 2021

Book of Travels can be downloaded for Mac and on Steam to get your region pricing.


It’s a great experience to build your character in the Book of Travels world. There are many character origins and archetypes available. TTRPG style, you are encouraged to dig deeper into your character’s past before you launch the game. This will emphasize the game’s role-playing strengths. Even though it is not fully integrated into the game, it has a perks-and-flaws system that allows for rich customization of background and story-telling.

Build, choose, and be yourself!

Book of Travels is more like a tabletop RPG than an action-adventure game. This game may be for you if you love the feeling of creating characters and stories for long, winding adventure sessions. There are many theories and side-stories to be found in the Braided Shore’s worldbuilding and lore. I can see people who are inspired and captivated by Book of Travels’ aesthetics being absorbed in explaining the game and connecting the dots to their fellow players.

I am not someone who would invest in creating characters and stories for people. This game was not for me. The experience was still enough to motivate me to continue exploring the world. As you travel through the world, there’s always something new to look at and consider. People live their lives and have their own schedules.

Random encounters can make you wonder about their stories

However, I was drawn to the earthy aesthetics of the writing and design. It’s interesting to see how the developers will continue to improve the game. They’ve stated that it is important to listen to players and the constant updates they provide in the first month of operation are impressive and encouraging for those who fell for the Braided Shore right from the start.


Exploration is the main purpose of the game. This can easily be felt in the vast green fields and other travelers who are living their lives along the roads. You’ll soon get to know the map and the world around you.

Take note of everything and make sure to pay attention.

Building your character is an important part of the game’s gameplay. Your inventory (clothes, weapons and skills) is a large part of the gameplay. These skills are vital to your character’s survival and overall quality of life. You can learn and purchase more skills by upgrading your character. Different effects such as being injured or getting soaked can also have an effect on the game. This makes players more aware of how they interact with the environment.


Quests can also be created from favors you earn by running for NPCs all over the globe. Many NPCs have something to say and can even give you items and messages, which is typical for fetch quests in RPGs. The game will warn you to grab some paper. You’ll need it to do anything or discover anything in the game. You will be given instructions and directions by characters. The game won’t keep track of these quests or give waypoints. This is a strength of the game. It invites survival traveler mode, which I believe is more appealing than expecting boring encounters in the Overworld.

Only a few combat encounters have I had in the entire game. I lost a “Leaf” because of one combat encounter that occurred in the first section. You can also make your character a ghost if you lose your life. This game takes Permadeath very seriously. You can create a new character or a persona very easily. This is unless you have made significant progress with your first account. You can easily die, as weapons are expensive. It might take some time to find a sword in an overworld and then train on how to use it. The developers have removed permadeath from the game as a temporary change. It will be added to the game’s development.

Gather six friends or strangers to help you solve this puzzle.

I have only met one other player during my entire run. I believe they declined my request to travel with me. I tried switching servers to see if that would help me connect with more people. I was excited to use the cute emoticons as a substitute for conversation. This is an awesome limited communication tool, similar to Journey. The chances of meeting strangers in this vast world is very slim. To solve more puzzles in the game, it would be a good idea to get together a group of friends.


It’s not a lie that I loved this game. The beautiful graphics and the environment you can explore are the best part. The game’s soothing atmosphere is created by the watercolor scenes and the emphasis on tea and nature. Even though the atmosphere is gentle at night, there is a dark, sinister feeling that creeps in to the darkness.

The sights and sounds of bustling shopping days are captured in lively towns.

The art itself is a wonder at the edges of the world. These sights change and develop into new landscapes. Each screen is unique and can be recognized by the user. However, they all connect to make Braided Shore more real. The landscapes became more familiar as I played along. Although it was tiring at times to use the various modes of transportation – by foot, train, etc. – I really enjoyed the travel aspect.

It creates a wonderful atmosphere. The music changes between crescendos and fading away at the right times. The ambient noise isn’t distracting and makes it more immersive. I particularly liked the sound of towns. It’s possible to hear bits of conversation, the sounds of daily life, and fill these empty spaces with life.

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