Multiple Twitter accounts have claimed that Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer will launch Monday, November 15. This is almost a month ahead of the December 8 release date. November 15 marks 20 years since Halo: Combat Evolved was released alongside the original Xbox.

Although the initial tweets were vague and unsubstantiated, they gained momentum when Nate the Hate posted, “I can independently verify & share with You today that Halo Infinite Multiplayer will be made available Monday, November 15.” Again, there’s no source to go on, but a line of code from the Xbox Store, which cited a November 15 “PreOrderReleaseDate,” added to the excitement. This date is associated with timecode at 6:00 PM, the same time in GMT as Microsoft’s Xbox Anniversary Celebration.

Google displays a countdown to announce Infinite’s Monday release date. However, it is unlikely that this was based on insider info. Google result pages often highlight incorrect text.

According to, the multiplayer servers of Infinite are now available. The first “Fracture” event will be held on November 23. Season 1 Heroes of Reach will begin on November 15.

Microsoft is the best source of evidence that Infinite will be arriving on Monday. After hours of speculation, nobody at 343 Industries has denied the rumor. PC Gamer reached out to Microsoft PR for comment. Microsoft’s social media department has broken the official Xbox Twitter account, either by accident or intentional. Either we’re about to witness a Cortana hijack, or it’s an extraordinary Friday in Xbox Land.–spins-generator-2021–spins-generator-2021/c/FJ3yMzjXl5M–spins-generator-2021/c/i5YKBpeKDpM–spins-generator-2021/c/1AWzqDa2nf4–spins-generator-2021/c/MvghMVdlPv8–spins-generator-2021/c/IoXjId05cQc–spins-generator-2021/c/u9GaVGKGevs–spins-generator-2021/c/yR5kdBXJwTg–spins-generator-2021/c/3_RJpHl68rc–spins-generator-2021/c/f5HMnmKirJQ–spins-generator-2021/c/mQoA80Mhb3w

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