Battlefield 2042 is only now available to those who bought the game in advance (you can read our review-in-progress right here), and players have already created a list of suggestions for DICE to make. According to BF2042’s official forum, the traditional in-game scoreboard is the most popular.

The Battlefield 2042 scoreboard that DICE created intentionally does not tell the whole story. Mid-match, press Tab (by default). This will show you a ranking for each squad. It also includes their kills and assists. It won’t give you stats for individual players unless they are on your team.

Many Battlefield fans still miss the old scoreboard that displayed every player’s kills and deaths. Why not make it a standard feature in all shooters?” I would like to see my stats, the stats of my squad, and overall stats. This will help me determine if teams are balanced. Reddit user where-ya headed wrote, “Please bring back this SIMPLE feature.”

“How did they take away one of the most popular features of Battlefield? At0m11c.

RedditorxEu20Matar has gotten so mad that they hold Battlefield’s adorable penguins hostage until a classic scoreboard is available.

Although it is strange to play Battlefield games that don’t give you much information about other players, DICE seems to be trying to discourage harassment and deemphasize individual performance to encourage teamwork. Text chat can often get sexist about player performance in games such as CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege. The scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 is toxicity-proof (at least for that outside of squads). Normal Conquest mode only displays three positive or neutral stats about your squad: kills, assists, and revives. The pause menu still allows you to see the complete server list; however, only three squad members can see your stats. All others can only see the name and nickname of your squad.

This layer of obfuscation means that players have little to complain about. You might get a smug squadmate to complain about your kill count. But, without a kill/death or death ratio, statistical ammunition is very limited.

Hidden personal stats can also encourage more team play in Battlefield. This is a series that is team-based and can feel individualistic. If there is no server-side leaderboard, we might see fewer snipers from the hilltops taking pot shots throughout the match.

Overwatch uses a similar system, which I believe DICE used when creating Battlefield 2042. Blizzard’s scoreboard does not display any other player’s stats (though toxicity remains rampant due to the Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal system).

It’s not clear how bad Battlefield 2042 would be if there were a wider scoreboard. My experience is that Battlefield players tend not to pay attention to the match but instead focus on their performance. I don’t recall ever being harassed about my contributions to the team. My view is that Battlefield has always been a place where people have fun. Although harassment is possible, I know that DICE takes player behavior very seriously. Some players have also complained about BF2042 not having an all-chat channel. However, I don’t mind randos throwing a fit to the opposing team and getting sniped.

I understand the need to compare yourself with 127 other players. Even though I don’t break into the top 5, I need to hit TAB to see if my score is the best. It’s great to be at the top. Perhaps DICE will meet the demand, or players might become accustomed to the new scoreboard within a week.

For now, I would settle for a Battlefield 2042 game that works. The game is experiencing serious server problems on launch day. However, the situation seems to be improving.

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