Mass Effect’s latest Choice Report Reveals Which Endings Players Choose

N7 Day is BioWare’s annual celebration of the original Mass Effect trilogies and Andromeda, which sometimes has bigger beats on the series’ next moves. BioWare continues to show how wrong or right we are, while playing through the Legendary edition. This year’s infographic includes an updated list of options. It’s a very interesting read if you are passionate about the endings or what happens to Council.

It’s not surprising that the Council made these decisions. Shepard spends the first game begging the Citadel’s ruling forces to see that the threat to the universe goes beyond the first big baddy, Saren. The committee is vulnerable because they can’t convince them that the imminent Reaper invasion is a real crisis. Either save the Council, or you can abandon them to Sovereign. Most players choose to save the Council at 69 percent. The rest let them die.

Destroying a Council with no interest in the threat to their people was always my path. But Mass Effect only asks you for your support later, so I don’t have any strong reactions. The majority of those who let them die were divided about their replacement. 59 percent preferred an alien-led Council to replace them, while the rest preferred human leadership.

Shepard can also nominate Anderson, a beloved space dad, or Udina (an actual monster-person, terrorist ally, and first representative of humanity to the Council). Anderson will be humanity’s ambassador if you save the Citadel Council. There are still a few people out there who look at Udina, and say, “Yeah, this guy I trust.”

The section also covers Mass Effect 3’s endings. However, public discussions about those options are often incredibly tense. Backlash against Shepard’s choices in the journey a decade ago prompted the studio to create an Extended. BioWare was the target of much of this vitriol. They used the colors green, red, and blue to identify their decisions. The Legendary Edition was packaged with the Extended and a 17/20/45 split between players on the Control and Synthesis ends. The remaining 8 percent refused to make a choice.

My favorite reveal, though the most predictable, is that we all have a common love for Garrus. According to the studio, 85 percent of Legendary Edition’s users recruited the sniper and 65 percent imported a Shepard. This could mean that a lot of you enjoyed his transformation from an aimless Turian to an angsty vigilante. You too.

BioWare also provided information on how loyalty was formed among your squadmates. This list shares many influences with survivors of the Suicide Mission, that was revealed in July. Garrus is the most loyal to all, while Mordin comes in at the rear. However, no one drops below 90%. It is easy to overlook some confrontations in Mass Effect 2 and can ruin your chances of keeping squadmates. So, the surprisingly good report is not surprising.

We also welcomed Diana Allers aboard the Normandy. I am ashamed to be among the 23% of people who don’t rename Shepard. Although the difficulty graphs can be a bit confusing, Bioware’s breakdown shows that most people don’t have the time or energy to kill themselves repeatedly on the hardest settings.

BioWare’s blog post ends acknowledging that the next Mass Effect is still in the works. We did receive a trailer at last year’s Game Awards. I am fine with waiting and replaying the Legendary edition to ensure that Synthesis is correctly selected for the rest my life.


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